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Health and Safety
We believe that extraordinary business performance starts with extraordinary HSE performance.

Creating a safe working environment for employees, contractors and customers is a vital part of the Company’s management strategy which will dovetail into Tata BlueScope Steel’s ultimate goal of Business Excellence. We support the value of Health Safety & Enivironment (HSE) across the Company with a dynamic process oriented towards eliminating injuries, ill-health and negative impact on the environment. We believe that Safety Excellence is a key driver of Sustainability.

The dedication to HSE is a value incorporated into the daily planning, design and implementation of processes. We continuously improve HSE processes to stay current with new issues, technology and regulatory requirements. Our focus is to integrate HSE into all our actions.

Most of Tata BlueScope Steel’s HSE programs are non-regulatory in nature and led by senior management. This demonstrates the importance that senior management gives to HSE. It is a part of our core values.

The Central Safety Committee (CSC) is the governing body for HSE management within the organisation. This committee is headed by the Managing Director and its members are leaders from all areas of operations. CSC leads the implementation and sustainability of HSE programs and ensures they are aligned with the overall strategy of our business .

As a result of efficient and effective HSE management, Tata BlueScope Steel maintains more reliable processes and has reduced injuries, ill-health and environmental impact. This is evident from the recently received recognition for Safety excellence – The BlueScope HSE awards and CII award

There are a number of challenges facing the company in its quest of striving for Safety Excellence. These challenges include addressing external factors to prevent incidents caused due to human error and aligning the HSE performance of Contractors with that of Tata BlueScope Steel. This is being addressed with continuous training imparted on regular basis to the contractors.

Protection of the environment continues to be a major focus for the Company. In line with best practice, Tata BlueScope Steel has created an Environment Health & Safety (EHS) Policy that integrates the functions of Occupational Health, Industrial Safety and Environment.

Tata BlueScope Steel

Our Goal is ZERO HARM
Our goal of Zero Harm to people is based on the following principles, which provide the focus for our safety management system (WEMATA):
  • Working safely is a condition of employment.
  • Employee involvement is essential.
  • Management is accountable for safety performance.
  • All injuries can be prevented.
  • Training employees to work safely is essential.
  • All operating exposures can be safeguarded..