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Life at Tata BlueScope Steel
Pick any employee randomly in Tata BlueScope Steel and he / she will vouch for the fact that life here never gets monotonous. Events and functions round the year provide a break from the drudgery of everyday work. Interactive events include MD’s dialogue sessions, offsite team meets, training and development programs, annual day celebration, TBSL Connect event for employees to liaise with senior management, festival celebrations, etc. These events are designed to cater to various aspects of an employee’s engagement with the company.

Therefore life at TBSL is not all work but dollops of fun with a quest for excellence thrown in.

Different Cultures, One Family

And an open culture that encourages new talents and ideas

Tata BlueScope Steel is a confluence of the cultures of its parent companies, Tata Steel and BlueScope Steel, Australia, both fine examples of companies with values unrivalled by few other companies in India and Australia.

Benchmark Employee Friendly Policies - Experiment, innovate and rediscover yourself both as an individual and as a professional, without fear of persecution. Absence of barriers, both physical and metaphorical, in the office, allows you free accessibility to the highest level of management. A supporting team and superiors enables you to take on challenges and derive professional gratification. The core values of safety and ethics underlines the company’s concern for employees and importance of transparency and fair-play in business and personal conduct.

Learning & Development

Learning is a continuous process. At Tata BlueScope Steel, all employees need to take charge of his/ her own development as much as the Company takes interest in their growth. Formal training sessions, on-the-job trainings and Management Development Programs, task force assignments, job rotations, Best-in-class facilities and equipment, etc., provide immense opportunities to grow.

Performance Management

A continual performance management process allows for a thorough evaluation of the employee’s performance. It is an approach designed to encourage clarity and transparency throughout the year so that the employee is aware of how his/ her performance is influencing the business of the company. The true essence of the system lies in the ongoing dialogue between the employee and his/her manager. It is about listening, sharing and accepting feedback and taking responsibility for the next step in the employee’s career.

Compensation & Benefits

Market competitive salary with a strong linkage with performance of the company and the individual. Overall the salary package consists of:
  • Fixed salary - We offer competitive take home salaries
  • Variable Pay – Linked to company and individual performance
  • Perquisites & Benefits – to provide the employees with a comfortable lifestyle
  • Retirement Benefits – to provide for security on superannuation

Rewards & Recognition

Exemplary performance over and above the call of the duty is recognised and rewarded in a Company annual function.

Owing to the above reasons and more, Tata BlueScope Steel has rapidly evolved as a sought-after employer. The company is a good example of how a company can grow along with its employees without losing sight of the principles it stands for. The company also undertakes various community service projects, looking beyond merely being a profit-making organisation, with an ardent desire to better the lives of the local community and society at large. This infuses a sense of social responsibility in its employees as well and nurtures them into mature citizens.

Take home of being an employee of Tata BlueScope Steel is not just a monetary amount. You would be richer as a person, a professional and a citizen.