Surya Kiran: A Benchmark in Sustainable Architecture

The Surya Kiran building by Tata BlueScope Steel, unveiled at the 15th Griha Summit, represents a significant step towards the goal of creating energy-efficient buildings that contribute to the net-zero emissions target. This building crafted with Durashine Roof sheets is a showcase of how smart design, such as passive solar heating, can reduce the need for external energy. Skylights and windows are positioned in a way that they catch the sun’s warmth during the day. This warmth is then stored in the building’s structure and slowly released to keep the building warm even after sunset. A special feature of the building with Durashine roofing is its Solar Wall, which is a part of the prefabricated design and plays a crucial role in absorbing and releasing solar energy, ensuring that the building with Durashine sheets stays at a comfortable temperature throughout the day and night.

The building’s coloured roofing sheets and double-glazed windows are also a key component in its design. They work by reflecting the heat from the Solar Wall back inside, which helps to keep the heat from escaping. This contributes to the building’s ability to maintain a stable temperature without needing to use more energy.

The steel roofing sheets of the Surya Kiran building are just as innovative as its design. Skilled workers first lay down and secure the base panels, swiftly followed by the precision assembly using Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) technology. This rapid process illustrates the potential for scaling up to meet the urgent demand for sustainable housing solutions. Just like in the old days, when buildings used stones to soak up the sun’s heat during the day and let it out at night, “Surya Kiran” uses a mix of glazed glass wall for heat trapping and dark-painted stones stone walls, to capture solar energy during the day and release it at night. This method keeps the place warm without needing any fancy tech. It’s a simple yet clever way to use the sunlight and keep energy bills down.

Surya Kiran with insulated roofing sheets and waterproof sheet for roof has been designed with high-altitude regions in mind, where the reliance on electricity for heating is high, and there’s often a heavy use of firewood and kerosene. In these areas, there is a pressing need for sustainable and practical solutions, particularly for important sectors like defence and tourism. Tata sheet for roof offer a viable solution to these issues, reducing dependency on non-renewable energy sources and providing a model for sustainable living in these challenging environments.

The Industrial steel buildings made with Tata Bluescope sheet exemplifies how sustainable living solutions can be integrated into everyday architecture, supporting the mission to provide affordable, eco-friendly housing for everyone. Tata BlueScope Steel’s mission is to enhance lives and create a lasting and positive influence in the world through innovative roofing sheets. Through its #ShelterforAll initiative, Tata BlueScope Steel aims to raise awareness around critical issues related to shelter and housing, with a focus on the well-being and aspirations of individuals and communities.

Envision your home even before it is build!

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions in one’s life. It is an asset most of us aspire to own. However before settling in for a home, it is always advisable to see the proto of what is being promised. ‘Sample Flat’ has grown to be an important experiential tool, enabling real-life experience for customers, for letting them take an informed decision.

Builders and architects today invest in setting up sprawling structures in form of sample flats right at the heart of a construction site. It is the first impression and visiting hub for customers willing to take the most important decision of their life. It indeed reflects an Architect’s vision, Builder’s quality and contractor’s skill!

Make stunning first impressions with Sample Flats made from Tata BlueScope Steel’s EZYBUILD® solutions. An ideal solution for builders seeking quick, easy and smart spaces for enhanced customer experience. Made from high strength light weight ZINCALUME® steel; EZYBUILD® solutions promise excellent performance with practical functionality and aesthetics for your sample flat. These structures are environment friendly with minimum degradation of resources. Designed with precision; they mitigate any wastage and assure optimal usage of raw material. Quick construction ensures faster turnaround time for business; as compared to actual flats which take 3-4 years for a large township.

EZYBUILD® Smart Steel Structures:

  • Quick to install: Developers can start demonstrating project outcome in very less time
  • Modular: Sample flats can be converted into club houses, gymnasiums, recreational zones or even society offices after its initial use. They can be dismantled or reinstalled at new sites as well.
  • Modern look & feel: Premium fittings like electric panel, windows, doors, sanitaryware etc. integrate flawlessly.
  • No material wastages: Structures are Cost effective
  • Sustainable: Support Green project credentials.

So, if you are looking at early enquiries for your forthcoming residential project; do get in touch with our experts for constructing your sample flat – simplest way to customer conversions!

Transforming the concept of a Modern Living

With an ever-increasing urbanization and the urgent need for sustainable spaces; smart steel modular structures are gaining immense attention; especially from the architects and construction fraternity. Addressing this need of quality living, logical spacing and a sustainable solution; smart steel structures are simple, economical and quick to construct. So, if you are wondering how one can afford a well-planned structure in a densely populated metro, packed with functionality as well comfort to address our modern day living; your pursuit for that perfect abode ends right here with EZYBUILD® Smart Steel Solutions by Tata BlueScope Steel!

Be it your home, a sprawling resort, a co-working space, a sample flat or simply your yoga retreats closer to nature, these structures give you freedom of design yet satisfying your usability requirements. EZYBUILD® structures are modular modern pre-fabricated edifices made from light gauge high strength ZINCALUME® steel and are a compelling solution for high rise buildings as well.

Let us see some of the advantages of a modular EZYBUILD pre-fabricated smart steel structure:

  • Ready to Install: Since these structures are pre-fabricated and modular, very little time is required for on-site erection; making it ready to move-in.
  • Efficient solution for difficult terrain: Many locations in India have rough terrains and are not accessible by road leading to multiple challenges such as unavailability of workforce and raw materials. EZYBUILD® solutions are studier, easily transportable and do not require complex construction machinery to install them. The buildings have a superior strength-to-weight ratio, which makes them tolerant to extreme weather conditions.
  • Offers greater design flexibility: With freedom of choice to build a structure of your dreams; these solutions offer high aesthetics – curved edges, superior finishes enabling creative architectural possibilities.
  • Low build up cost: Designed with precision, EZYBUILD® smart steel structures are most optimized type of construction as compared to traditional ones. Due to minimum resource allocation both in terms if material usage and labor and its long-term performance with minimum maintenance; the structure promises value for your money with lowered built up cost.
  • Compatible with other material: Prefabricated composite structures like EZYBUILD® allow designers and contractors to leverage the benefits with modern look & feel. These structures are easily compactible with cement boards, false ceilings, elegant electric fittings & sanitaryware’s.
  • Inbuilt with Green Credentials: EZYBUILD® solutions made are 100% recyclable, reusable and water harvestable. With LYSAGHT® cladding made from COLORBOND® steel; EZYBUILD® smart steel structures offer greater thermal efficiency.

So if you are looking at extending your current space or wish to build a new structure in a highly urbanized neighborhood or a remote rugged environment; do get in touch with our team of experts from EZYBUILD® to help you achieve your next smart structure in steel. With precision engineering and detailing to the last millimeter we ensure your plan is executed with perfection.

Because at Tata BlueScope Steel we know that your creation is a matter of pride and satisfaction. As specialists in prefabricated modular structures we are committed to transform your dream project into a reality. Visit our website to know more about our services and solutions.

6 Reasons to Believe EZYBUILD® smart steel structures enable Design Flexibility

An architect’s vision is brought to life with structural steel framing solutions; while addressing most complex built challenges. Steel can practically make partitions disappear, giving wide spans, make headway for natural lightning; maintain cooler inside temperatures while being energy efficient. Be it a curved slab edge, a column-free space or highly loaded equipment room, structures make it elegant, encouraging freedom of expression and design creativity.

Structures made from steel offer greater aesthetics against traditional construction methods and materials. Moreover, traditional materials seem tough to perform against building application and codes. It empowers engineers and architects with tools and techniques for greater bespoke architecture. Primarily made of cold formed steel which can serve as both primary and secondary structures, these structures are used for roofs, floors, wall systems, decks, it can also be used as individual framing members such as trusses, joists, headers etc.

Leveraging the strength of steel is LGFS solutions by Tata BlueScope Steel supplied under its flagship brand EZYBUILD® smart steel structures. EZYBUILD® solutions are high strength light weight, quick, easy and modular. SMARTRUSS® members made from ZINCALUME® steel lasts four times longer than galvanised steel in similar environment. They are light weight, easy to handle and quick to install. Designed with technologically advanced software; these solutions provide faster, accurate consistency in project delivery.

EZYBUILD® solutions are widely accepted in several sectors; looking for quick, easy and flexible structures such as commercial spaces such as showrooms, retail outlets, office premise, processing units, auditoriums etc.

  • Enduring Strength: Steel members used in EZYBUILD® solutions can be specified as per varying strengths and thicknesses for optimum load distribution all throughout the buildings. This provides flexibility to organise the structural framing system to suit design objectives, safety and application.
  • Extended unsupported Spans: The increased strength of steel members is crucial for creating large, open spaces such as higher ceilings, unsupported roof extensions, and bold walls. Here traditional materials may struggle to cope with the vertical and horizontal loads, however EZYBUILD® solution provides apt support and versatility to deliver unique building features.
  • Smart curves: Curves and obliques are complicated to design to code, and even more complicated to construct. But with cold formed steel framing, complicated alignments and connections can be designed to meet loading conditions and standards thanks to the high strength of steel
  • Easily supports other accessories, is modular and built-in material: EZYBUILD® structures offer design flexibility by integrating easily with accessories such as ducts, windows, turbo vents, shutters etc. It complements well with concrete, electrical fittings and plumbing conduits. Modifying an existing steel frame building is relatively simply. Interior walls can be moved without a concern for structural support.
  • Weather-proof, Safe & Sustainable: Dimensional stability means structure won’t warp, mis-align or split even in extreme environment, providing superior longevity and durability. EZYBUILD® smart structures offer improved greater thermal performance and compatible for water harvesting projects, thus are green building solutions.
  • Backed by Trust: EZYBUILD® smart structures made from COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel they are backed by Thermatech® Solar reflectance technology & Tata BlueScope Steel warranty

Now that you know the benefits of a smart steel structure, do connect with Tata BlueScope Steel’s team of experts today to build your own home, office, complex or a showroom and accomplish your long-cherished dream of owning a business!

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EZYBUILD® Smart Steel Modular Solutions

Your trusted partner for disaster relief structures

Hurricanes, cyclones, thunderstorms and flash-floods are only some of the many natural disasters we have been facing in the past few years. In recent times; we are battling with one of worlds most unprecedented biological disaster – the pandemic.

Such tragedies are unforeseeable with a long-term impact both financially and phycological.

Coastal regions are more bound to face the downsides of natural disasters. Especially in a country like India; where 3 sides define its coastal borders; it is pertinent for us living in these areas to be more vigilant and prepared for the worse.

First line of defense

Your home, office or factory is the first line of defense before adversities strike human life. Unfortunately not all structures are disaster-resilient. In current times we have seen great support from government agencies, disaster management teams and NGOs providing modular structures in form of housing structures where people have lost their basic need for shelter. In such times modular structures are quick, easy and portable solutions to help the affected, providing a safe and healthy haven. Modular solutions have multiple applications and can be used as health centers, community learning spaces, isolation wards, testing booths, makeshift hospitals, restrooms etc.

Let us see some of the benefits of modular steel structures

Quick turnaround – Time waits for no one especially when disaster strikes. Modular steel structures offer faster construction as compared to conventional ones. Requires minimal labor with leaner construction.

Custom Made – These structures are versatile and can be designed as per any application. Be it a hospital, classroom, testing booth or a relief center; they can be customized due to their formidability and high strength.

Weather Resistant – The extreme weather conditions caused due to natural disasters makes modular steel structures a feasible solution due to their sturdiness and durability. They are more likely to withstand the rigors as compared to traditional ones.

Tata BlueScope Steel’s Smart Steel Modular Solutions – EZYBUILD®

So, if you are looking for a partner with the right capability specializing in disaster relief structures; your search for the perfect one ends right here. EZYBUILD® combines the agility of a modular structure with the strength of steel. With its expertise and experience in socially relevant projects; EZYBUILD® has resolved to design, develop and install customized lifecare solutions addressing all types of crisis situations. Be it the disaster relief homes, isolation wards, emergency shelters, temporary booths etc.

Why believe in EZYBUILD®

Quick restoration: EZYBUILD® solutions prefabricated modular construction has the potential to drastically improve the time taken to construct the structure; thus ensuring early occupation for the needy, be it a home or a business.

Easy to install: Accurately Designed with precision software and prefabricated off-site; the structures are erected with speed and efficiency.

Modular: Light weight structural members can be easily dismantled and re-locatable as per convenience and usage.

Easy to Maintain: Hygiene is very important, and these structures can be easily cleaned and sanitized without deteriorating its quality.

Thermally Efficient: EZYBUILD® structures with LYSAGHT® roofing made of COLORBOND® steel offer greater thermal efficiency due to Thermatech Technology* present in its DNA.

Durable and long lasting: EZYBUILD® structures are made from high strength light weight Colorbond steel and Zincalume steel that offer great corrosion resistance.

Tata BlueScope Steel has always been at the forefront of providing innovative and quick solutions in times of distress. With an expert in-house design & engineering team, strategically located manufacturing units and proficient installation squad, we are geared to combat any disaster that may come our way.

Get in touch with our experts if you wish to design, supply or construct a structure that can save lives and make a positive difference!

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7 Reasons to Believe LGSF is Sustainable

Did you know, as per recent studies, the construction sector contributes to 38% of the climatic change? Alarming as it may sound; there is an urgent need for us to move towards environment friendly construction structures, materials and practices. Here ‘Green Buildings’ play an important role!

What makes a ‘Green Building’?

A ‘green’ building is a structure that, in its design and construction, reduces or eliminates negative impacts on the climate and nature in general. Whether it’s our home, an institute, school, commercial establishment or a community center; a building qualifies as green if it has the following features as mentioned below:

  • Minimum use of water, energy and natural resources
  • Should be recyclable and reusable
  • Material used should be non-toxic and sustainable
  • Should be adaptable to the changing environment
  • Should be designed and constructed by keeping environment and quality of life in mind
  • Should be energy efficient, water harvestable, healthier option for building occupants

LGSF Technology – Your alternate for an eco-friendly structure

Light Gauge Steel Framing structures are used extensively in several applications for their quick, easy and sustainable features as compared to more traditional construction practices that use heavy brick and mortar. LGSF frames are made from cold form processes. This results in light weight and high tensile steel sheets, enabling better performance.

Let us see some of the benefits LGSF offers in enabling green aspects within its built environment.

  1. Reduction in waste: Pre-fabricated steel components reduces site works and material usage, thereby maintaining quality within the premise and for the people.
  2. Speed: Shorter construction period gradually decreases resource utilization as compared to conventional system.
  3. Recyclable & Reusable: LGSF structures are recyclable and modular. They can be easily transported and installed with energy efficient fabrication; thus promoting sustainable life cycle.
  4. Ideal for all weather conditions: LGSF is marked for its commendable performance in extreme weather circumstances. Due to structural expansion and contraction; the material withstands changes in the environment.
  5. Strong but Lightweight: Steel has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios. This results in optimizing material. Since it is light, it is easier for maneuvering the same on-site.
  6. Safety: Steel’s inherent strength and non- combustible qualities enable light steel frame structures to resist devastating calamities such as fire, earthquakes and hurricanes.
  7. Significantly longer life: Selection of the steel building material plays fundamental role in longevity of building performance. Well-designed steel building can perform min 30 years with least maintenance.

EZYBUILD® smart steel building solutions from Tata BlueScope Steel are one of the most reputed names within the prefabricated construction industry. Made from light weight high strength COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel, the structures are thermally efficient and offer several benefits like strength, superior design and speedy construction; maintaining your structure’s integrity. Manufactured at state most advanced facilities across India, these ready to install solutions are quick alternatives to conventional buildings and are offered through a dedicated network of authorized EZYBUILD® solutions providers, has least TVOC; otherwise harmful for building occupants. With custom based solutions our structures enable clear views, are modular, transportable and highly weather resistant.

If you are willing to explore possibilities in building ecologically safer structures; do get in touch with our experts or visit the company website:

Things to know in LGFS quote

Are You Building A Structure with Steel? Consider this checklist for the right deal.

What is the first step that comes to your mind when you think of a steel building project or any construction project for that matter? After you have decided to build a new storage or a new facility; you will most likely start contacting steel building manufacturers or contractors to get a quote!

Please take a moment and consider the finer details before making-up your mind. One should give enough attention to several elements listed below to help you take a sound decision:

Broad level considerations:

  1. Know what you want: Before you approach any builder, know exactly what you want. There are less chances of unwanted surprises during the construction phase. If you aren’t quite sure what you need, a reputed and experienced building manufacturer can help you decide what’s best as per your requirement with regards to design, products, accessories and the entire budget.

  2. Steel Prices Fluctuate: Steel being a globally manufactured and traded product, pricing is dynamic and subject to various factors like world economy, global pricing trends, demand-supply dynamics, complexities of logistics etc. The trending in steel prices can change frequently and at times without prior notice. Decide sooner than later.

  3. Functional Complexities: The customization for steel buildings is what makes an aircraft hangar different from a car garage, and a car garage different from an office building. More the complexities, more the costs e.g.: mezzanine floor, ducting requirements, EOT cranes usage etc. Be aware of the extra costs that may be incurred due to last minute additions or requirements.

  4. Building Utilities: Electrification, sanitary work, plumbing, Air conditioning & HVAC ducting’s, storage facilities of raw material, WIP`s & finished goods etc. require domain expertise. Not only different vendors increase costs but also time & efforts to complete project. Look out for such specification of each in your quote to fit your functional need.

  5. Construction Costs: The construction costs you encounter while completing your building can fluctuate even more than the price of steel. What influences the steel price in your local market is the time of the year you are buying it in, labor costs, demand and proximity to suppliers. Poor project planning can cost delays & time laps in functional kickoff.

    Typically, the transportation costs play significantly as per regions, but that doesn’t mean every state has similar high costs. In this, distribution channel of building supplier is vital for on time completion. Hence it is important to depend on general cost per square estimation while planning a project.

  6. Location: Metal buildings will always be engineered with your location in mind. You must meet or exceed local codes and loads, so you need to know exactly where you want your building. Atmospheric conditions such as wind, rain, seismic activity, snow, temperature etc. play an important role in how your steel building must be constructed.

  7. Look for details: Quote usually includes description of the main material, shed size, use of accessories, terrain code rating and color selection. All pricing and terms of payment are included. If there aren’t enough details on your quote, feel free to request more. Attached to the quote will be the elevation drawings. Any discrepancies should be discussed directly to make sure all details are clear. Once you have decided on the size and style of the project, you are bound to get your specifications faster from the supplier.

  8. Know the difference between TCT and BMT: For design calculations or structural designs, one should insist on BMT, since the actual strength of the material lies in its base steel. The metallic coating layer (TCT – Total Coated Thickness) provides the corrosion resistance against natural weathering.

If you are willing to build your next project and looking for an authentic partner; your search for an integrated, hassle-free experience ends here! We at Tata BlueScope Steel provide complete structural solution from custom designs, manufacture and supply of products to construction and installation services.

Tata BlueScope Steel offers LGFS solutions in form of EZYBUILD® that are high strength light weight, quick, easy and modular; available through a distributed team of builders and designers. It is a one-stop solution for all your building requirements. With a pan-India presence through our channel partners and strategically located manufacturing units; we make sure we are closer to our customers ensuring on-time project deliveries. Our solutions made from COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel are backed by Tata BlueScope Steel warranty that ensures your complete peace of mind.

You may get in touch with us at for an all-inclusive quote.

Are You Looking At Faster Construction With On-time Project Completion?


Superior steel structure built with cost effective solution and delivered well within timelines; is a true customer delight. LGFS (Light Gauge Framing Systems), is a proven technology that transforms customer demands into reality. The advantages you can derive as a builder or an end user with LGFS, are immense.

But, before we go any further, let us understand what exactly is LGFS?

Light Gauge Framing System (LGFS) or Light gauge Steel framing (LGSF) is a construction technology using cold-formed steel as a construction material. It can be used for roof, floor, wall systems of the entire building.

Let us see some of the benefits LGFS has to offer:

1. Advanced Technology: Light Gauge Framing System (LGFS) is a leading construction solution based on recent developments in the field of science and technology. Automation in production processes and high precision equipment, enable production of frame shape with even 1 mm accuracy.

2. Quick, Easy & Precise: LGFS can be placed on a lightweight brick foundation or light strip foundation. Picking and lifting machinery is minimized. The only tool used for installation is a screw gun. Heavy crane or heavy lifting equipment aren’t required. LGFS systems are not welded; they are tightened with the help of tap-bolts or nonthreaded fasteners, enabling rapid installation for early occupation and quick revenue generation. These buildings demonstrate precise geometry and high strength properties. Metal properties eliminate shrinkage or deformation at the end of installation. LGSF technology is based on “dry” construction methods; consequently, the structure could be installed at any time of the year and under all adequate weather conditions.

3. Reliability with Durability: A Light Gauge Steel Structure is dependable due 550 MPa steel that goes into its making. Anticorrosive Metal coating protects metal against rust with no seasonal impact, enabling long-term operation of buildings.

4. Broad interior layout opportunities: LGSF technology enables creation of interior spaces of up to 16 meters without additional supporting structures. This helps designers and architects realize their modern and innovative ideas into reality.

5. Environmentally friendly: Steel is odorless, environment friendly material which does not emit hazardous substances. Properly used steel structures are safe to human health and environment. All frames are insulated with completely processed organic materials.

6. Cleanliness: Construction site remains clean and clutter free. All components of a Light Gauge Steel Structures are prefabricated and preassembled in accordance with design objectives. Materials that are exclusively required for assemblage of the entire building are delivered to construction site. Leading to minimal construction waste, offcuts or defective products.

7. Optimized Costs: Overall cost of pre-fabricated cold formed steel building is less compared to RCC due to various reasons: It is less labor intensive. Takes less time for construction, hence early occupation for revenue generation. Foundation cost is lower due to lighter material. Structure is completely, relocatable. Operational cost and maintenance are less due well insulated claddings and long-term performance of steel.

Tata BlueScope Steel offers Light Gauge Steel Framing Systems and solutions under EZYBUILD® smart steel structures. These Light Gauge Steel Framing Systems are made from 55% Al-Zn Alloy coated ZINCALUME® steel of AZ150 G550 (550 MPa minimum yield strength), complying with AS 1397 and IS 15961 standards.

Apt for industrial, commercial, residential and institutional applications, these ready to install solutions are quick alternatives to conventional buildings and are available through a dedicated network of authorized EZYBUILD® solutions providers.

Smartly designed LGFS structure

LGFS rigid frames ensure strength & performance

So, if you are looking at smart, rapid build technology and require an end-to-end hand-holding from design to execution; you may contact our team of Experts on or visit the company website for more information.

Light Gauge Framing System (LGFS): A Smart and sustainable Steel building technology

Light Gauge Framing System (LGFS) or Light gauge Steel framing (LGSF) is a construction technology using cold-formed steel as the construction material. It can be used for roof systems, floor systems, wall systems, roof panels, decks, or the entire buildings. They can also be used as individual framing members such as studs, joists, headers, and truss members.

Light Steel Frame members can also serve as both primary structures and secondary structures. An example of the Light Steel Framing used as primary structures is the webbed steel trusses. Steel studs act as secondary structures by providing lateral support to exterior wall finish since they rely on the primary structure for support.

Light Gauge Framing System (LGFS)

Light Gauge Framing System (LGFS) buildings can be used as substitute of RCC/traditional buildings. It is used to create frames for external walls, floor, internal walls etc. These are used as the base on which suitable boards and materials are used to cover the framing. LGSF buildings look similar to traditional RCC buildings after completion

A Smart and sustainable Steel building technology
Light Gauge Framing System Sustainable Steel building technology
Light Gauge Steel Framing System (LGFS) made from High Strength ZINCALUME® steel Tata BlueScope Steel offers Light Gauge Steel Framing Systems made from 55% Al-Zn Alloy coated ZINCALUME® steel AZ150 G550 (550 MPa minimum yield strength), complying with AS 1397 and IS 15961.
Advantages Light Gauge Steel Framing system
  1. Strength & Durability: High strength results in safer structures, less maintenance. Steel structures made from High strength ZINCALUME® Steel offer greater durability, exceptional corrosion resistance and results in safer structures with less maintenance
  2. Light Weight: These sections are made from light weight and high strength 550 MPa steel, and hence results in lighter foundations and buildings that have less probability of damages in an earthquake.
  3. Quality: Steel frames have consistent straightness and hence simplifies structural alignment. These structures are uniform in quality an thus do not warp or split
  4. Recyclable: LGFS material is 100 % recyclable and hence environment friendly.
  5. Expansion & relocation: Ideal for expansion of existing structures, additional floors, etc. Flexibility for future expansion and relocation.
  6. Unequalled design flexibility: Compared to conventional framing, steel framing can span greater distances, allowing greater design flexibility. Interior walls can be placed without load-bearing considerations. Steel frames are Compatible with a wide range of cladding, roofing and glazing options.
  7. Lower construction costs: Light steel frames are very strong and lightweight, so building frames require less material (compared to timber or concrete). Hence results in lesser construction costs
  8. Easy transportation & handling: Steel frame components are light & designed for easy to transportation and handling
  9. Quick & easy construction: As all the intelligence is built into the modelling and fabrication phase of the steel frame manufacturing process, unskilled or semi-skilled labour can do the assembly and construction easily. Steel framing is supplied with electrical and service holes pre-punched, meaning reduced time on site for plumbers and electricians

Tata BlueScope Steel offers Light Gauge Steel Framing Systems and solutions under its EZYBUILD® solutions brand

EZYBUILD® Solutions are a set of light-gauge structural buildings for industrial, commercial, residential and institutional applications. These ready to install solutions are quick alternatives to conventional buildings and are offered through a dedicated network of authorised EZYBUILD® solutions providers.

The products and solutions offered by EZYBUILD® include: PEBLite: A unique light-gauge and strong pre-engineered building solution SMARTBUILD® System: Steel Framing System with Strength and Durability SMARTRUSS® System: Advanced, lightweight framing technology for all your roof support solutions

Light gauges steel framing system has advantages like adaptability, off-site manufacturing, reusability, recyclability, cost efficiency and resource efficiency making it one of the most sustainable building methods available today. Light gauge framing systems can fulfil the requirements of small building with cost effectiveness and environment friendliness that makes light-gauge steel construction, a technology with huge growth potential and applicability