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EZYBUILD® Solutions are a set of light-gauge structural buildings for industrial, commercial, residential and institutional applications. These ready to install solutions are quick alternatives to conventional buildings and are offered through a dedicated network of authorised EZYBUILD® solutions providers.
A unique light-gauge and strong pre-engineered building solution
PEB-Lite® solution is commonly used for small industrial units, warehouses, agricultural sheds, site offices, cabins, residential buildings, rooftops, etc. The frame of PEB-Lite® solution is formed from high strength galvanised steel members known as CEE-plus™ and ZED-plus™.The solution is offered with LYSAGHT® Roofing and Wall Cladding as an option, manufactured from high strength ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® steel that adds strength, life and aesthetics to the building.

  • Light-weight with High Strength
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Long Lasting
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Quick and Easy to Relocate
  • Lengthwise, easily extendable
  • Overall Cost Savings
Warehouse Warehouse
Pulpit BuildingsPulpit Buildings
Parking ShedParking Shed
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Steel Framing System with Strength and Durability
SMARTBUILD® solution is an advanced, light-gauge steel framing technology made from high tensile zinc and aluminum alloy coated ZINCALUME® steel. SMARTBUILD® solution offers superior features such as safety, thermal efficiency and environment-friendly credentials that make it a widely accepted steel product for construction.

SMARTBUILD® solution offers several benefits such as strength, superior design and speedy construction. SMARTBUILD® solution, being precision engineered out-performs any other method of construction.

  • Quick to design, manufacture and install
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to transport or relocate
  • Lower Maintenance cost
Site Office Site Office
Residential Building Residential Building
Commercial Building Commercial Building
Canteen Building Canteen Building
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SMARTRUSS® System- Strong & Sustainable Steel Trusses

An advanced, lightweight framing technology for all your roof support solutions

SMARTRUSS® solution is an advanced framing technology for roof support system. It is made from lightweight high strength steel which provides inner strength to protect and maintain the roof’s structural integrity and quality of construction. The truss members are made from ZINCALUME® steel, a 100% recyclable and an environment friendly option for construction.SMARTRUSS® solution is designed to support any type of roofing product and provides a sustainable base to roof aesthetics. This solution is a combination of smart technology, construction, protection, roofing and precision engineering which make SMARTRUSS® solution the ideal roof truss solution.

ZINCALUME® steelCross section of ZINCALUME® steel
SMARTRUSS® Roofing SolutionCross section of SMARTRUSS® Roofing Solution
  • Strong & Durable
  • Long Term Corrosion Resistance
  • Maintenance Free
  • Constructions with Ease and Speed
  • Termite, Rot, Warp and Fire Resistant
Residential Residential
Institutional Buildings Institutional Buildings
Resorts Resorts
Multistorey Building Multistorey Building
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Explore our comprehensive collection of EZYBUILD® product brochures, case studies and more.
Light Structural Members
Light Gauge Framing Systems
Light Gauge Steel Framing System made from High Strength ZINCALUME® steel
Light Gauge Steel Framing Systems are made from 55% Al-Zn Alloy coated ZINCALUME® steel AZ150 G550 (550 MPa minimum yield strength), complying with AS 1397 and IS 15961. The sections can be made available in 3 m, 4 m, 5 m and 6 m standard lengths. Length of up to 12 m can be made available on request.
ZINCALUME® steelCross section of ZINCALUME® steel
Available Sections


Web Thickness
Web Thickness
Sectional Area
Moment of InertiaSection ModulusTorsion
(mm X mm)(mm)(mm)(mm2)(Kg/m)Ixx(mm4)Iyy(mm4)Zxx(mm3)Zyy(mm3)J(mm4)
SC0751575 x 400.750.801220.9911270023860299887923
SC0752075 x 401.001.051591.31143109264673772101753
DC0751575 x 400.750.802622.00329049657927246321449
DC0752075 x 401.001.053452.634241038562394124192115
SC10020100 x 501.001.052161.73362000713307100207072
DC10020100 x 501.001.054593.47970048193537165627446153


  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Light-weight and strong
  • Universal application
  • Easy-to-erect by using connection clips
  • Consistent straightness simplifies alignment
  • Uniform in quality, does not warp or split
  • No need of welding and painting


Roof Top Shed Roof Top Shed
Factory Extension Factory Extension
Yoga Center Yoga Center
Car Parking Car Parking
Storage Shed Storage Shed
Tools and Resources
Explore our comprehensive collection of EZYBUILD® product brochures, case studies and more.
Choose The Right Solution


With EZYBUILD® one can build a variety of structures along with integration on existing ones


The time from the start of construction work to completion

Construction Costs

Cost of construction for EZYBUILD® structures is up to 35% lesser compared to traditional ones


EZYBUILD® technology assures least maintenance

Green Solutions

EZYBUILD® solutions are reusable, recyclable and 100% lead free


EZYBUILD® modular buildings are versatile in terms of expansion and relocation

Value Proposition

Strong & Robust Structure

Zero Maintenance

4 Times Longer Life*

Customised Engineered Solution

Easy to Erect

Lowered Temperature*
Commercial Spaces

Cultural Halls

Cultural Halls

Large clear spaces with seamless views

Accurate dimensions and design flexibility provide clear span for accommodating more than sufficient.

Parking Sheds

Parking Sheds

Flexibility with Versatility

Structural components are tailor made to provide modular approach; ensuring your vehicle is well protected from the harshness of the external environment.



Quick & Accurate Installations

EZYBUILD® Solutions come with high strength steel roof and wall cladding profiles; backed by THERMATECH® Technology ensuring high reflectivity with cooler comforts for peaceful working environments.



Aesthetically Superior & Durable

Ezybuild’s custom designs are most suitable for an architect’s vision, complementing the living spaces with the traveller’s lifestyle. With excellent weather ability; EZYBUILD® is your trusted partner for challenging weather conditions.



Faster Project Delivery; Early Revenue Stream

Our customised Purpose Built spaces suit your precise needs and the structures give a hassle free experience.

Storage & Utility Spaces

Storage & Utility Spaces

Extend & Expand; Anytime, Anywhere

EZYBUILD®’s advanced, light-weight pre-engineered steel framing solution is apt for utility structures like grain storage, garages, machinery sheds, hangars and more.

Educational Spaces



Speedy completions

EZYBUILD® is an advanced, light-weight pre-engineered steel framing solution; apt for smart structures like schools, institutions and colleges.



Large clear spaces with seamless views

Accurate dimensions and design flexibility provides clear span for accommodating more than sufficient.



Customised layouts to fit in available spaces

EZYBUILD® Solutions come with high strength steel roof and wall cladding profiles; backed with THERMATECH® Technology ensuring high reflectivity with cooler comforts for a peaceful meal.

Recreation Room

Recreation Room

A perfect place for multipurpose needs

Strength and rigidity allows for longer spans and wider spaces to suit your needs.

Sports Complex

Sports Complex

Aesthetically Superior and Robust

EZYBUILD® is easy and quick to install, enabling seamless spans for athletic facilities with different widths and heights.

Utility Spaces

Utility Spaces

Modular, re-locatable structures for varied applications

Our customized purpose built structures give you hassle free experience.

EZYBUILD® Roof Top Extension
Roof Top Extension
EZYBUILD® Roof Top Extension

Convert your existing terrace into a utility area

  • Lower weight of structure compared to RCC construction
  • Structure designed to withstand heavy wind speeds
  • Light weight members help easy and hassle-free construction on terrace
  • Consistent and welding free connections
  • Can be used as temporary spaces – dismountable structure
  • High strength steel coated with ZINCALUME® steel ensures robust and corrosion resistant structure
Tools and Resources
Explore our comprehensive collection of EZYBUILD® product brochures, case studies and more.
Product Literature
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Case Studies
Holiday Home in Light Gauge Steel

Amboli hill station is located in western part of India in Sindhudurgh region of Maharashtra most commonly enjoyed by visitors during monsoon period. View Case Study

Public School in Light Gauge Steel

The area is very remote and is not having continuous power supply and also no mobile network. The village has a public school which requires heavy maintenance. View Case Study

Manufacturing Warehouse in PEB Lite Solution

Srinivas Induction Hardening, Specialized Crankshaft Manufacturers of the Country had a requirement for storage warehouse. View Case Study

Choose The Right Solution
S = Standard Inclusion, O = Optional Extra
Features and OptionsPEB-Lite® SolutionSMARTBUILD® SystemSMARTRUSS® System
ApplicationsWarehouse, Workshop Sheds, Mills, Dairy/ Agro Processing Units, Community CentresRecreation Halls, Site Offices, Sample Flats, Roof/ Terrace Top Buildings, Farm HousesResidential, Parking Sheds, Terrace Roofs, Institutions, Old Truss Replacements
Building Dimensions
Building Height: 6m
Building Length: No Limit
Clear Span-Width: 20m
Multi Span-Width: 40m
Bay Distance: 2.5 to 5m on case to case
Extra Add on Bays: Existing bay distance
Building Dimensions
Building Height: 3.2m
Building Length: No Limit
Clear Span-Width: 15m
Building Dimensions upto
Building Length: No Limit
Clear Span-Width: 15m
Heavy duty footing / anchor boltsSSS
Roof slopeS – 10 degAs per requirementAs per requirement
Gutter and DownpipeOOO
Steel FrameGalvanised PortalZINCALUME® steel conti frameZINCALUME® steel gable/ hipped frame
Main Frame ConnectionBoltedScrewedScrewed
C / Z section Purlin and GirtsS
Top Span Purlin and GirtsSS
Trims and flashingSSS
Wall openingAs per requirementAs per requirement
FastenersHigh grade – Class 3 typeHigh grade – Class 3 typeHigh grade – Class 3 type
Footing planSS
Erection detailsSSS
Roof sheetBare/Color coated Zn-Al alloy coated steelBare/Color coated Zn-Al alloy coated steelBare/Color coated Zn-Al alloy coated steel
Wall SheetingPartial / Full heightFull height
Door and WindowO – ESPO – ESP
Fibre Glass SkylightsOOO
Roof/ Wall InsulationOOO
Civil, Electrical, PlumbingO – ESPO – ESPO – ESP

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