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Sustainable building solutions for the future
BUTLER® Building Systems is a premium, globally renowned building solution, which provides design, manufacture and construction of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings. The history of the brand dates back in 1901, when the company BUTLER® Manufacturing was founded in the US. This company was acquired in the year 2004, by BlueScope. BUTLER® Building Systems is available in the SAARC regions through Tata BlueScope Steel. Butler has pioneered many new products and concepts, challenging limitations of pre-engineered buildings. Butler Solutions provide long-term value to the buildings by making them durable and weather tight, with double-lock roof seams and insulated purlins along with energy conservation. Butler’s new building systems defied traditional ideas of pre-engineering and introduced Multi-storey and Widespan structural systems. By providing timely construction and superior solution, BUTLER® Building Solutions has achieved a high acceptance in Commercial, Industrial, Infrastructure and Warehousing sectors.
structural systems by BUTLER
Structural Systems
The BUTLER® WIDESPAN™ Structural System
WIDESPAN™ Structural Systems
The BUTLER® WIDESPAN™ Structural Systems is the most basic and versatile building systems. The proven practicality of a rigid frame is combined with almost unlimited design flexibility to meet customer needs. It offers a variety of roof and wall cladding options manufactured from high-strength, long-lasting ZINCALUME® & COLORBOND® steel.
multi storey structural system by BUTLER
MULTISTOREY Structural Systems
MULTISTOREY Structural System is an extension of BUTLER® Building Systems that offers cost-effective and high performance solution for multiple storied buildings. Used for almost any multi-storey building from 2 to 5 stories, enables faster design, manufacturing and installation as compared to any conventional RCC building. It offers a variety of roof and wall cladding options manufactured from high-strength, long-lasting ZINCALUME® & COLORBOND® steel.


Design Flexibility

Combines the practicality of a rigid frame with virtually unlimited design flexibility

Uninterrupted Wide Spans

Clear span framing systems allow maximum interior space utilisation. This is particularly important in manufacturing plants, warehouses, offices and retail stores where uninterrupted space requirement is critical.

Easy Extensions & Expansions

The width extension matches the eave heights, and roof slopes facilitates additional space for future expansion.

Improved Corrosion Protection

The mainframe sections come with primer coat, which protect the base steel for much longer time than any conventional fabricated steel structure.

Longer Life with Minimum Maintenance

BUTLER® Structural System comes with galvanised purlin and girt known as CEE-plus™ & ZED plus™, which last much longer without any requirement for regular maintenance, when compared with conventional unprotected structural elements.
peb roofing system
Roof Systems
MR-24® Roof System
The MR-24® Roof System is like a monolithic steel membrane, covering your entire building. The panels are joined together with a Pittsburgh 360 degree double-lock standing seam and fastened to the purlins with a unique clip formed into the seam. Independent surveys show that MR-24® Roof System is the most specified standing seam roof in the market, with more than two billion square feet installed since its introduction in 1969.
MR-24® Roof System by BUTLER


Monolithic Roofing System

MR-24® Roof System acts as a monolithic steel surface covering your entire building and providing superior protection

Double-lock seam Joint

Creates an exclusive Pittsburgh 360-degree double-lock seam, with the final 180 degrees field rolled, for superior performance, protection and weather tightness.

Contributes to Energy efficiency

MR-24® Roof System accommodates additional Roof insulation thicknesses to enhance energy efficiency. Available in several cool colors with high SRI values, for added energy savings.

Roof movement for varying temperatures

Specifically designed with moveable clips to accommodate roof movement under changing temperatures

Strength and weather tightness at end laps

Most manufacturers locate panel splices at exactly the same position across the entire roof. This creates a condition where four panel corners must be joined at the same location, making it almost impossible to seal and keep weather tight

Perfect alignment and installation

Factory-punched panels and structural members assure proper alignment and accurate installation
BR-II™ 900 Roof System
The BR-II™ 900 Roof System combines great economy with proven BUTLER® building performance. The system is easy to install & maintain and assures weather-tight performance. It offers features that make it the strongest fastened roof system in the industry. Each BR-II™ 900 roof panel features a full 38.1 mm deep corrugation for extra strength. The panels are 900 mm in width and up to 10 meters in length so the roof erection occurs quickly even in case of large buildings.
BR-II™ 900 Roof System by BUTLER


Deep corrugations for extra strength

BR-II™ 900 roof panel offers the deepest and a wide corrugation coupled with a high tensile steel base of minimum 550 MPa yield strength providing additional strength in comparison to any other industrial profile for both wind uplift and roof traffic

Enhanced weather tightness

Anti-capillary groove for leak proof performance, which can also be used for sealant placement to ensure weather tightness

Perfect alignment and installation

BR-II™ 900 roof system is also available in factory punched option to assure perfect alignment and accurate installation

Additional support against roof traffic

To provide additional support against roof traffic, BR-II™ 900 roof panels incorporate a “return leg” on all side lap connections. Roof panels without return leg often separate under fastener installation or roof traffic.

Improved Thermal Performance

BR-II™ 900 profile comes with THERMATECH™ Solar Reflectance Technology that lowers surface temperature by absorbing lesser heat from the sun. It keeps both roofs & buildings cooler at reduced energy costs.
peb wall cladding system by BUTLER
Wall Systems
TRIMDEK® 1015 System
TRIMDEK® 1015 is modern ribbed roofing and wall cladding profile with subtle fluting in the pans to provide strength and long spanning capabilities. It is ideal for industrial and commercial applications.
TRIMDEK® 1015 System by BUTLER


  • Simple, low-cost fixing so it is economical to install
  • Excellent spanning capacity
  • Manufactured from high strength ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® steel
SPANDEK® 935 System
SPANDEK® 935 has a contemporary, trapezoidal profile, with longer spanning capabilities making it ideal for projects with a modern appearance.
SPANDEK® 935 System by BUTLER


  • Strong and lightweight
  • Strongest cladding profile which can withstand high wind load, snow load or impact load
  • Unique anti-capillary side-lap which makes it leak-proof
  • Manufactured from high strength ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® steel
CUSTOM ORB® 990 System
CUSTOM ORB® 990 system is a smooth sinusoidal profile which offers flexibility of design for roof and wall cladding applications in industrial, commercial, residential and public buildings.
CUSTOM ORB® 990 System by BUTLER


  • Strong and lightweight
  • Wider profile covers large surface area
  • Wall panels can be installed in horizontal as well as in vertical direction
  • Can be curved for stylish architectural design
  • Manufactured from high strength ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® steel
SHADOWRIB™ 900 System
SHADOWRIB™ 900 is the most preferred walling system when it comes to matching strength with aesthetics.


  • Engineered to withstand high wind load and pressure
  • Wide pan visibility gives an aesthetically pleasing look to the exterior of the building
  • Fewer fasteners than most ribbed panels
  • The deep 38 mm corrugations provide strength to resist billowing when the fasteners are fixed
  • Fasteners are recessed deep in the corrugation, it gives walls an attractive uniform pattern
  • Manufactured from high strength ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND ® steel
liner panel systems of peb applications
Liner Panel System
FLEXICLAD® 1110 Liner Panel System
FLEXICLAD® 1110 is an economical and attractive wall and ceiling cladding profile suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.
FLEXICLAD® 1110 Liner Panel System


  • Attractive multi ribbed profile which is quick and easy to install
  • Light weight and economical profile which covers wide surface area
  • Manufactured from high strength ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® steel
PANELRIB® 1110 Liner Panel System
PANELRIB® 1110 is an attractive, slightly fluted wall & ceiling cladding profile suitable for many applications where a flat sheet would not be normally considered. The longitudinal flutes provide rigidity along the length of the sheet while retaining full flexibility across the width.
PANELRIB® 1110 Liner Panel System


  • Provides easy solution for false ceiling and wall partition
  • Panels can be installed in horizontal as well as in vertical direction
  • Manufactured from high strength ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® steel
other structural systems
Other Structural Systems
Primary Structural Steel by BUTLER
Primary Structural Steel
Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the most sophisticated equipment for precision manufacturing. To manufacture roof beams and columns, we use high tensile steel plates conforming to ASTM A 572 M Grade 50 Steel. Our structural welding complies with code AWS D1.1 2008 edition of American Welding Society. The manufacturing and dimensional tolerances are as per 1996 edition of Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA). Our fabrication facility employs the most sophisticated equipment for cutting, shearing, splicing, drilling, welding, shot-blasting and painting. Our dedicated quality assurance team and operations team follows approved Inspection and Test Program for incoming materials inspection, In-progress inspection and final inspection to ensure zero defects.
Purlins And Girts by BUTLER
CEE-plus™ & ZED-plus™ Purlins And Girts
CEE-plus™ & ZED-plus™ are specially designed purlin system for BUTLER® BUILDING SYSTEMS, which is tested over a number of years and used all over the world.


  • Manufactured from high tensile galvanised steel ( with 120 gsm, 345 Mpa) conforming to ASTM A 653M – 04a Gr. 50 Factory pre-punched system for easy and accurate installation results
  • World class quality control system to avoid any dimensional variations during production
  • The inclined lip helps in best nesting capability for easy transportation in bundles and in kits
  • Available in a wide range of dimensions. This helps in manufacturing the most economical engineered building structure
  • Tested and proven worldwide
Range of Engineered Roof Accessories
Engineered Roof Accessories
To maintain structural integrity and weather tightness, specially designed accessories are available for all BUTLER® building roof systems. A full range of accessories including SKY-WEB® II fall protection system, BUTLER Lite-Panl™ translucent roof panels, vents, curbs, flashings, skylights, roof hatches as well as various gutter & trims options, complete the offering and keep your building attractive and functional for years
SMARTDEK® 51 Decking System
SMARTDEK® 51 Decking System
SMARTDEK® 51 Decking System is a high strength zinc-coated steel decking system, which acts as permanent formwork as well as positive tensile reinforcement for concrete floor slab.

  • Fewer temporary props and bearers are required under the formwork deck, which provides weather protection for a safe work environment, both above and below the floor
  • The embossments on top & sides of the ribs provide added grip and minimise slip by creating a bond with concrete as done with normal reinforcement
  • Provides permanent formwork as well as positive reinforcement
  • Does not require erection, removal, handling or storage of timber / steel formwork as required in conventional concrete slab construction, which saves valuable time
  • Clean, uniform and attractive ribbed underside (soffit) for exposed situation reduces the cost of ceiling finishes
BUTLER value proposition
Value Proposition

Key Differentiators

BUTLER® BUILDING SYSTEMS is a premium, globally renowned engineered steel building solution with exceptional credentials such as On-time Delivery, Leak-proof Roof System, Fully Engineered Solutions and Safe Erection Practices.
Assured On-time Delivery
Assured On-time Delivery by BUTLER building systems
Delivery commitments as per ‘Front of Load’ leads to higher adherence to on-time delivery
hassle free procedures by BUTLER
Hassle-free process ensures reduction in cycle-time by ‘not shifting the priorities’
works by the Critical Chain Project Management
Critical Chain Project Management provides early warning signals for no surprises
Leak-Proof Roof System
BUTLER provides Leak-Proof Roof System
180 degree of MR-24® roof panel seamed at site creating 360 degree tightest double-lock seam
durable building solutions by BUTLER
Staggered end laps positioned exactly above purlins for sustaining foot traffic
roof expansion joints are not required
Roof expansion joint is not required up to 250 feet due to free thermal movement of Roof Clip
Fully Engineered Solution
fully engineered solutions by BUTLER
We understand requirements & optimise solutions to meet your operational needs
BUTLER® Pre-punched system
BUTLER® Pre-punched system ensures better alignment and faster installation
Pre-punched roof panel
Pre-punched roof panels do not require measuring, marking and drilling on site
Safe Erection Practices
BUTLER follows safe building erection practises
Dedicated Construction Safety Team follows ‘Zero Tolerance’ approach to safety deviations
safety net to avoid any injury
SKY-WEB® II System provides fall protection from the roof during construction
Mandatory use of boom lifts
Mandatory use of boom lifts to reduce safety risks at your site
Building systems by BUTLER
BUTLER® Difference
BUTLER® brand is built on innovation and attention to the customer requirements. We are committed to deliver buildings on time, leak-proof and with complete safety, so that our customers meet their business goals. These commitments allow us to achieve a remarkably high rate of customer retention. To move towards excellence, we have developed several product advantages collectively known as “THE BUTLER® DIFFERENCE”. We have tried to share some information about BUTLER® BUILDING SYSTEMS in this brochure, to show how we can match up with your expectations and fit in your needs for a E-engineered building perfectly. Discover what a difference “THE BUTLER® DIFFERENCE” can make for your building.
MR-24® Roof System
MR-24® Roof System by BUTLERMR-24® Roof Clip allows free thermal movement of 21/2 inches

Truly floating standing seam roof system

MR-24® roof clip allows roof to expand and contract with changing temperatures. The highest thermal movement of roof clip negates the need for an expansion joint upto 500 ft in double slope buildings, which assures long term leak-proof performance.
Pre-punched System
Pre-punched SystemNo measuring, marking and drilling on site minimises chances of error

For a truly E-engineered building

All secondary structural members are pre-punched for fixing the roof clips, structural components and accessories accurately. The pre-punched system does not require extensive field modifications and helps to provide an error-free building.
BUTLER® Sealants
Assured leak-tight performance by BUTLER systemsBUTLER® Sealants

Assures leak-tight performance

The BUTLER® sealant has been developed by the BUTLER® Research and Development Centre. It has a higher butyl rubber percentage that enables leak-tight sealing at the joints.
Roof Openings and Curbs
fully engineered roof openings and curbsBUTLER® Curb                               Industry Standard

Fully engineered

BUTLER® roof curbs are designed to float along with the roof system to give leak proof and maintenance free life for much longer time than any other building system.
Stronger Fasteners
SCRUBOLT™ fastner designed by BUTLER dsystemsBUTLER® SCRUBOLT                               Industry Standard

Maintains Incredible Strength

SCRUBOLT™ is another reason for BUTLER® BUILDING SYSTEMS to perform much better than any building system. The fasteners are designed to take twice the pull out strength than any conventional fastener.
Pre-galvanised Secondary Structural Steel
Pre-galvanised Secondary Structural SteelPrecise Installation and Long Term Corrosion Free Performance

For superior corrosion resistance

BUTLER® BUILDING SYSTEMS comes with high tensile galvanised steel purlin and girt with a coating mass of 120 gsm for better strength and corrosion resistance. The purlins are designed and their shape is modified & tested over a number of years.
Shot Blasted Frame
BUTLER Shot Blasted Frame for better paint adhesionBUTLER® Shot Blasted Frame

For better paint adhesion

Our frames are thorough blast cleaned by shot blasting method (an optional feature) to achieve surface preparation upto SA- 2.5 to receive a coat or primer, which protects the steel from corrosion.
Rod Bracings
Rod Bracings for solid reinforcementBUTLER® Steel-Rod Bracing                             Industry Standard

For solid reinforcement

The BUTLER® steel rod bracings with Clevis Assembly and Turn buckle does not stretch or deform during or after installation. These specially designed rod bracings do not require retightening multiple times during erection and retain their original strength and tightness.
Water Resistant Louvres
LOUVREMAX™ system for better air circulationBUTLER® Louvres

For better air circulation

LOUVREMAX™ system is a specially designed water resistant louvre, an outcome of years of experience and extensive research, which delivers the best ventilation performance.
Safe Erection Practices
SKYWEB ll net for safety purposesSKYWEB ll® Passive Restraint System

Assures complete peace of mind

The mandatory use of personal protection equipments, use of SKY-WEB® II fall protection system, usage of boom lifts, telescopic cranes and regular training of erection crew enables us to complete projects in a safe manner.
Tools and Resources
Explore our comprehensive collection of BUTLER® product brochures, case studies and more.
BUTLER product brochures
Product Literature
Product Brochures
butler India brochure
BUTLER® Brief CatalogueView Brochure
butler india building solutions
BUTLER® Detailed CatalogueView Brochure
Butler solar energy
BUTLER® Solar PanelView Brochure
Butler colour brochure
BUTLER® Standard Color ChartView Brochure
Maintenance Manuals
butler manual
BUTLER® Maintenance ManualView Brochure
Specification Language
butler product literature
With MR-24® Roof SystemView Brochure
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With BR-II® Roof SystemView Brochure
innovative approches by BUTLER
Case Studies
Tata boeing
Boeing, TATA State-of-Art Aerospace Facility in Hyderabad by Tata BlueScope Steel PEB Solutions
In November 2015, Boeing and Tata Advance Systems announced a joint venture for manufacturing aero structures and collaboration on integrated systems development opportunities in India.View Case Study
Butler case study
Right Match for a World-Class Manufacturing Facility
When Mr. Sanat Bhattacharyya, Managing Director and Chairman, Arc Tec Systems Limited, bought the prime plot at MIDC Complex- Butibori, Nagpur for the company’s first manufacturing facility, his vision was clear. View Case Study
Butler case study of nivea project
Leak-proof Roof System enables Nivea to meet their productivity goals!
Beiersdorf AG, parent company of Nivea is one of the world’s leading international skin care companies. View Case Study
Vinplex project by butler
Proven integrated business processes deliver on-time project completion
Vinplex India Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in 1996, leases warehouse spaces in and around the industrial hub of Chennai. View Case Study
butler case study brochure
Innovative safety approaches impresses GE India
GE India Industrial Pvt. Ltd. was planning to set up a manufacturing facility at Chakan, Pune, India.View Case Study
butler case study brochure 2
Superior Solution sets a Benchmark for Indian Warehousing Industry
Tata BlueScope Building Solutions builds India’s first Free Trade and Warehousing Zone at Panvel, Navi Mumbai for Arshiya International Ltd. View Case Study
butler case study brochure 3
Redefining Industrial Construction – “Concept to Completion in 60 Days”
The CLS Project of Hindustan Unilever Limited is one of the largest projects located in the developing industrial area of Haridwar, which is setting an example for its Project Management, Design and Engineering brilliance. View Case Study
butler case study brochure 4
East West Gas Pipe Line Project Wins PEB PROJECT OF THE YEAR AWARD
The magnanimous East West Gas Pipeline project won the Pre-Engineered Building project Award 2009 at the Infrastructure Excellence Awards, organised by CNBC-TV18 and Essar Steel. View Case Study
butler case study brochure 5
Aesthetic, Leak-Proof Building Impresses Client
The manufacturing facility of Technova Imaging Systems Limited at Taloja, Raigad near Navi Mumbai looks like a masterpiece on an open land surrounded by mountains. View Case Study
FAQs of BUTLER systems
accolades gained by BUTLER
Awards And Recognition
Unilever Partner To Win Award 2012

Unilever Partner To Win Award 2012

Unilever Partner To Win Awards 2012 was organised by Unilever South Asia Board to recognise their suppliers, who have made a significant contribution to their business. The South Asia Unilever Partner to Win Supplier Summit was held on September 5, 2012 at Mumbai. Tata BlueScope Building Solutions, a business division of Tata BlueScope Steel Limited won the award for service excellence in E-engineered steel building projects execution. Tata BlueScope Building Solutions demonstrated ’Speed with Safety’ in E-engineered steel buildings projects executed for Hindustan Unilever Limited.
Infrastructural Excellence Awards 2012

Infrastructural Excellence Awards 2012

Tata BlueScope Building Solutions bagged the prestigious ‘PEB (E-engineered Building) Project of the Year award’ for the second time at the Essar Steel Infrastructural Excellence Awards in 2012. The award was conferred upon TBBS for successful execution of the ‘Coated Steel Manufacturing Plant’ of Tata BlueScope Steel at Jamshedpur. The Essar Steel Infrastructure Excellence Awards recognize the achievements of those involved in creation of India’s infrastructure and hence their contribution towards the economic development of the country.
Infrastructural Excellence Awards 2009

Infrastructural Excellence Awards 2009

TBBS won the Infrastructural Excellence Awards 2009 for the East West Gas Pipeline PEB project of Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited. TBBS won this award during the inaugural year of the Essar Steel Infrastructure Excellence Awards recognize the achievements of those involved in creation of India’s infrastructure and hence their contribution towards the economic development of the country.
Successful projects by BUTLER
BUTLER® Projects