A Stich in Time, Saves Nine

Preventive Roof health check-up with LYSAGHT® Value Added Services

Roof is considered to be one of the most important aspects of the building. It is highly critical for us to take utmost care and ensure it stays in good shape. Frequent maintenance work causes both physical and psychological disruption in our lives. Therefore, preventive maintenance has grown to be the most obvious step towards roof longevity and a customer’s peace of mind. A regular check of your roof health mitigates potential long-term problems and damage to property or human-life. It not only protects the building from weathering, corrosion or fire; it also helps detect leakages, increases life span and prevents costly repairs.

However, it is very difficult to determine a roof’s actual health by just looking at it. An expert with thorough knowledge and experience can help understand the depth of the problem or anticipate what may arise soon.

Tata BlueScope Steel’s team of experts fully understand customers’ needs while deriving the health of their roofs. With LYSAGHT® Value Added Services one can rest be assured of a genuine guidance and in-depth domain knowledge. Let us see some of the value-added services that LYSAGHT® team of experts have to offer:

LYSAGHT® Value Added Services:

Roof Diagnostics:

LYSAGHT® roof diagnostics service provides an exhaustive analysis of roof, that includes serviceable life, condition analysis and problem areas on existing roofs as well as new roof installations. Our team of Roof Experts advocate preventive maintenance in best interest of customer’s investment. A regular Roof Health Report with awareness on beat practices for maintenance is also shared with the customers.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC):

LYSAGHT® offers best roofing maintenance program which ultimately increases the performance of your roofing system and reduces the costs incurred on roof replacement. Continuous inspection and maintenance by LYSAGHT® AMC ensure proper upkeep of the roof, resulting in safeguarding of the entire structure.

Reroofing and Retro fitment:

Known for its exceptional customer focus, safety practices and construction capabilities, LYSAGHT® has also evolved as an expert in reroofing and retrofitting jobs. Known for its complex handling abilities, LYSAGHT® expert assure a seamless integration of a reroofing job over your existing establishment without affecting your routine.

It is best recommended to contact your nearest LYSAGHT® expert for more information on these value-added services. It is best to be preventive or proactive in our approach than to be reactive and incur heavy costs.

LYSAGHT® roof diagnostic services ensure leak proof performance of the structure, giving customers the assurance of not only protecting their machinery and property but also achieving their productivity goals. Do get in touch with our experts or visit our company website: www.tatabluescopesteel.com for more information.

Accessorize Your Roofs for Longer Life & Superior Aesthetics

While roof is the most important aspect of a structure, roofing accessories play a bigger role in fortifying its existence. There are many roofing accessories that can help one get the most of a roof, improving its overall performance along with its lifecycle and aesthetics. Being pioneers in the colour coating steel roofing industry, we at Tata BlueScope Steel perfectly understand your roofing needs and recommend a few accessories that seamlessly compatible with DURASHINE® roofs; one of our marquee brands within the steel roof and wall industry.

Improved Gutters

Most of us opt for basic gutter systems, least realising its importance for keeping our homes safe, especially from the pitfalls of pooling rainwater. One should invest in better gutters which are seamless and those that minimize leakages.

The DURASHINE® roofing system includes gutters that are seamless (long lengths) to eliminate leakages and are available in multiple colours to suit your style of architecture. Choosing the right colour drastically changes the entire finish of the structure.


Ridge on a roof plays an important role in concealing the joints of two apposing roof planes. It maintains the structural integrity protecting your homes from leakages, adding architectural design element to your roofs.

DURASHINE® roofs offer flexible double wings to accommodate a wide range of roof angles and is designed to provide a weatherproof seal. Made from high strength steel, these ridges provide equally strong performance as its roofing counterparts.

There are 3 options available to from depending on your structural design:

  • 1. Roll Formed Ridge

  • 2. Plain Ridge

  • 3. Crimp Ridge


This is something we can often overlook. In practical terms it is very vital element of the entire roofing system. It not only keeps your roofs waterproof and airtight, providing a seal like outer envelope, protecting your interiors from harsh outdoors. The major function of Flashings is to prevent the passage of water into a structure from a joint while providing the structure a weatherproof seal.

DURASHINE® roof system offers Gable Flashing and Corner Flashing:

One can also choose a contrasting colour of roofing accessories to increase the aesthetic value of the shed.

The choice of right accessories is as important as picking the correct roofing and wall cladding profile. Durashine® Accessories endows consumers with options to maintain uniformity in the aesthetics of the complete structure without compromising on factors like water proofing and multiple colour choice for the accessories.

If you are looking to build a home, complex or a commercial structure; do get in touch with our experts to guide you on the perfect choice of accessories that complement with your roofing needs.

Visit our website www.tatabluescopesteel.com for more information.

Make a confidante choice with a DURASHINE® home?

When you think of building your dream home, you imagine it to be cozy, comfortable and safe. We try integrating its design features as per our individual requirements. However, have you ever wondered what makes a home the perfect place of comfort? Indeed, it is the people living inside that make a house a “perfect home”. And happy homes ensure happy people!

Homes made of brick and mortar; are protected by a its roof that determines its structural longevity. Roofs play an important role in ensuring your peace of mind and maintaining your family’s happiness quotient!

DURASHINE® from Tata BlueScope Steel is one such roofing system that offers not only performance but also superior aesthetics with smooth finishes!

Here are some reasons why one to should believe in DURASHINE®

Lasts Longer: DURASHINE sheets have an assured Al-Zn alloy coating that provides better corrosion resistance. It combines galvanic protection of Zinc and a barrier protection of Aluminium ensures the sheets last upto 2-4 times longer than ordinary sheets in similar environment. It has 2-3 times longer life than ordinary color coated galvanised sheets.

Higher Strength & Load Bearing Capacity: DURASHINE sheets have a minimum yield strength of 550 Mpa that ensures required strength for roofing application, offers a better load carrying capacity and resists external forces as compared to other Colour Coated sheets of 250 MPa steel DURASHINEⓇ Carries More Load.

Cooler Interiors: DURASHINE® roofs help maintain greater thermal comfort all year round and helps reduce heat radiation penetrating inside the building, thus making the interiors cooler.

Performs better during rains: It is in-built with a unique anti-capillary groove that ensures better performance during rains. The sheets have wider valley for higher water discharge in case of heavy rains.

Attractive Appearance: Manufactured with world's most advanced metal and paint coating technology, DURASHINE® paint system resists peeling and cracking, ensuring durable performance and giving the roof glossy paint and finish. DURASHINE sheets are available in a variety of aesthetically pleasing colours.

Wide Product Range: DURASHINE® offers a wide range of colour & metallic coated steel sheets that match your exact requirement. The brand also offers corresponding accessories like gutter, flashing, ridge etc. ensuring a seamless appearance of the building.

For an absolute authentication, look for DURASHINE® brandmark on the reverse side of the sheet, to get details of the grade and thickness promised. This provides an easy authentication process and assurance of a genuine product. The accurate thickness, width and length ensures a perfect fit every time you go for a purchase. DURASHINE® sheets are erected by expert fabricators ensuring superior craftsmanship and optimised design with appropriate use of accessories.

Do get in touch with our experts if you are narrowing on the requirement for building your next dream home. We will not only ensure a quality roof but also guarantee a happy family!

LYSAGHT®: Preferred roofing brand for Railways and Urban transport infrastructure

What’s inspiring about modern architecture is that it is never ending. There’s always something new to see every other day: building something new is always ongoing in this modern world! Fast moving word adopted Modern urban transport system as an important means of transportation and global development. Railways and modern urban transport infrastructure in major cities in India have now become a major public transportation media as they are fast and feasible. So, they are designed and built as modern and aesthetic structures.

Roof and wall cladding for railways and urban transport infrastructure is very important from maintenance and operations point of view and has big cost implications initially as well as throughout the life of the structure. Today’s modern urban infra stands for reliable and safer commuting, time-saving, reduction in atmospheric pollution, reduction in accident rates, reduced fuel consumption, reduced vehicle operating costs, and increase in average speed of road vehicles, all of which helps in improving the quality of life of the people and making the city much more attractive for economic investment and growth.

Major railways and urban transport system prefer aesthetically planned and well-maintained roofing system. At the same time, it is expected that the project does not endanger public life, nor lead to ecological or environmental degradation. Modern aesthetical steel roofing is thus the preferable solution for various railways and urban transport system not only because of the durability of steel but also the lower time required for steel roofing as compared to other roofing solutions. Unconventional design (aesthetical/concave/convex) in an infrastructure project like the Railway or Metro project, thus becomes one of the major contributing factors in today’s modern architectural transport mediums marking its step towards a landmark project.

Factors while designing roofing system for any modern railway or urban transport system are:

  • a. Appearance: Aesthetics plays a major role and right material provides the correct appearance with right level of polycarbonates used for right level of diffused light transmission

  • b. Safety: Imperative to meet the safety standards of the site

  • c. Off-site construction: Speed of installation need to be high as disruption at busy stations needed to be kept to a minimum level

  • d. Sustainability: green roofs compatible with solar module mounting solutions are the primary need of any modern urban transport architecture

  • e. Weight: Optimum weight of the entire structure makes it easier, safer and more cost effective – to handle in the factory, in getting it to site and during installation

Innovation is key to helping improve our rail and modern urban infrastructure, and the product that is at the forefront of this innovative time is LYSAGHT® roof and cladding solutions from the house of Tata BlueScope Steel. LYSAGHT® roof and wall cladding solutions has been a pioneer in transforming conventional to non-conventional structure with performance and functionality. Tata BlueScope Steel has supplied more than 7-lakh square metres of LYSAGHT® roof and wall-cladding profiles made from premium quality COLORBOND® XRW for railway and metro projects across the major cities including Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru and Mumbai. The Indian Railways and RVNL selected steel roofing for the several stations because of its longer life, better spanning capability and aesthetically pleasing appearance and minimal maintenance required.

LYSAGHT® cladding solutions are environment friendly and has better thermal efficiency as well due to Thermatech® technology, making it an ideal choice for infrastructure projects.

LYSAGHT® brand has been linked with almost all major railway stations in the eastern and southern part of the country as well as all major metro and monorail projects. LYSAGHT KLIPLOK® – a concealed fixed roofing system, LYSAGHT TRIMDEK® – a screwed down roofing system and SMARTDEK® 51 – an innovative and precision engineered structural decking system were supplied for most of the projects. LYSAGHT® profiles are compatible for roof-top solar solutions making it an ideal choice for urban infra. LYSAGHT® range of products has been a preference due to the higher durability, unique design and long-lasting aesthetics that it offers thus catering to the various segments of the Indian urban transportation industry including the railways and metro.

Chennai Metro

DMRC and CMRL Depot

Kolkata Metro

Mumbai Metro

Advantages of Composite Metal Decking

Structural steel decking has grown to be one of the most preferred methods of construction in the recent years. With their new-found popularity in construction of multi-storey buildings, one can find plethora of options that have emerged due to the flexibility and strength it provides. Structural Decking is a cost-effective formwork deck that offers a stable and safe working platform to allow wet concrete to be poured. Structural Decking also acts as a tensile reinforcement enabling strength to the concrete slab. Structural decking is a versatile solution, suitable for all forms of construction – masonry, steel frame, concrete frame & all segments – Infrastructural, industrial, commercial & residential.

It offers multiple advantages:

Speedy, Easy &Safe Construction: Flooring systems generally takes around a month due to the weight problems of loading materials for transport. Fortunately, steel decking sheets are easier to deliver due to their lighter load and adjustable foundation sizes. Its pre-cut lengths and pre-fabricated designs make it easy to transport especially in remote areas. Decking also provides a safe working platform and acts as a safety ‘canopy’ to protect workers below from falling objects.

Reinforces Structural Integrity: Steel decking is resilient to external factors, such as weathering and moisture. Moreover, its longevity makes it an ideal structural framework against natural disasters and pest deterioration. Its design lets it to inhibit any transverse movement between the concrete slab and its steel beams, making it lighter and stronger than typical slabs for construction use.

Cost Effective Solution: Due to the reinforcement and strength given by the steel structure, in cases of composite slabs, the overall concrete consumption is reduced by 25%.

Structural Steel Decking is an industry which requires expertise, experience and exposure to handling complex structural requirements. Tata BlueScope Steel’s team of structural engineers along with its innovative Decking Solutions in form of SMARTDEK® 51 and EZYDEK™ 44 lets you complete your project within deadlines without experiencing delays or inconveniences.

Developed especially for the Indian Architectural fraternity, these galvanized steel decking sheets are suitable for all forms of construction, across Infrastructural, industrial and commercial segments. Taking in to account the Indian project management practices both solutions due to their unique features help reduce both time over-run and cost over-run during the execution of various projects.

Some of their unique advantages that make both SMARTDEK® 51 and EZYDEK™ 44 the most preferred solutions are as under:

Engineered with Precision: Designed to perfection with new age software applications; the solutions offer greater economy and design freedom. It is optimally configured and uses advanced construction techniques for installation.

High Strength Light Weight: Profiles used in these systems ensure greater weatherability and corrosion resistance. The concrete strength combined with flexible reinforcement of the metal decking can can withstand a great amount of load over a long period of time and also serve to provide an all-round stronger slab. Excellent spanning capacities for greater strength and less deflection 1.2 mm BMT, SMARTDEK® 51 can span more than 3 meters without support. SMARTDEK® 51 composite slabs can be designed for up to 4 hours of fire rating.

Lean Construction Method: No major reinforcement is required unless the design parameters demand so. The slab thickness can be reduced that can allow lighter slabs while maintaining the same strength. This helps reducing foundation loads resulting in lesser material consumption, lowering the cost.

Sustainable Solution: Steel can be recycled repeatedly without reducing its inherent properties thus making steel framed composite construction a sustainable solution. Moreover, due to its smart construction processes, it has minimum impact on the natural resources or environmental degradation.

So if you are looking at speedy construction with quality assurance, a precision-oriented design customization; your search for that perfect solution ends right here with Tata BlueScope Steel’s SMARTDEK® 51 and EZYDEK® 44, the most suitable alternative for conventional reinforcement materials, especially in high-rise building projects.

Do get in touch with our experts or visit our company website: www.tatabluescopesteel.com for more information.

How to keep your homes cooler in summers and warmer in winters?

On a sweltering afternoon, in a concretized urban jungle, when the temperatures soar beyond 50 degrees, it’s not surprising that your roof would absorb heat transferring it right inside your house making your interiors totally unbearable!

It gets even worse during winters when the temperature drops to intolerable levels making your home a polar zone.

What’s your solution for making your home warmer during cold season and ambient during summers?

Be it the cold temperatures or the hot summers, DURASHINE® Coolshield is the perfect solution for an optimum ambient temperature, the way you like it! Be it your homes, schools, commercial spaces or warehouse DURASHINE® Coolshield roofing sheets offer innovative, technologically advanced 3 layered fortified protection. This 3 layered fortified protection is made up of 100% Zinc-Aluminium material integrated with world class insulation and Aluminium Foil.

While there are several insulation products available in the market; very little attention is given to its viability in the long term. DURASHINE® offers profiles with insulation that are thoughtfully designed. The first layer being the sheet itself is made from high strength steel with Zinc-Aluminium coating. The second layer is the insulation material sourced from world class manufacturing players. The insulation acts as an additional protective layer for your home or structure. DURASHINE® Coolshield is designed to maintain a lower surface temperature under intense heat as compared to traditional roofs.

Compressed between the roof’s surface and the roof deck; it is used primarily to reduce heat transfers. In warmer climates it helps moderate /control building’s temperatures and in cold climates acts like a barrier for loss of heat; ensuring warmer inside temperature.

Let us see some of the advantages of having a DURASHINE® Coolshield as a roofing system:

Prevents moisture on inside surface of the roof: Due to its high weatherability and a watertight system, it mitigates moisture from travelling inside the structure.

Supports to reduce external sound XLPE insulation eases vibrations caused due to rains and reduces external sounds.

Low energy consumption – Warmer in winters and cooler in summers, DURASHINE® Coolshield helps to maintain the inner temperature, thus reducing energy consumption in summers.

Smooth Finish: The aluminium foil that covers the insulation enables a smooth finish to the overall structure.

If you are planning for a new roof or wanting to replace the old one; considering the importance of a well-insulated roof is vital for the longevity of your complete structure, contact Tata BlueScope Steel experts and ask for Durashine Coolshield to be installed for your next project.

Safety first is Safety always!

Safety is the condition of being protected from harm or any undesirable effects of activities during execution of work. Over the years it has gained very significant importance and organisations are addressing the concern proactively to ensure any unsafe incident at their sites. Safety at sites is more challenging due to uncontrolled working conditions as well as multiple agencies working simultaneously on the project. Work is executed through contract workers and this sector is still not organised. Workmen keep on changing and each replacement needs induction and safety training specific to the job as well as the site.

Most of the good organisations have adopted safety as one of the core values and striving to improve the safety culture within the organisation. The DuPont Bradley Curve helps the organisation to assess the prevalent culture.

Safety is top driven, which means it either starts at the top or it doesn’t start. Management has to believe that all injuries can be prevented and also that the management is accountable for safety performance.

Felt leadership means management’s leadership commitment to ensure managers and supervisors are committed and visibly involved in workmen’s health and safety. Leaders should demonstrate personal involvement that is real and contagious. Their desired behaviours should be easily felt and noticed by employees. Leaders are accountable for setting clear expectations as they are accountable for the safety performance of the organisation.

A good management system integrate safety into existing quality systems and is part of the review and reporting system. The HSE management system too is based on the PDCA cycle – Plan, Do, Check and Act. Responsibilities, authority and accountabilities should be clearly assigned. Training and communication ensure people are competent. Schedule checking of process to defined standards (Safe Act Observation or safety audits) ensures that the process is achieving the outcome and deviations provide the opportunities for improvements.

Total ownership of adopting safety requires active workforce engagement. Workforce engagement fosters an interdependent, team-based safety culture, which demonstrates – we care for and help each other. This ultimately leads to safer workplace with less injuries.

Knowing people is very important. People in the organisation can be categorised as – Disbelievers, Safety followers and safety champions as depicted in below graph and endeavour should be to change all to Safety Champions. This can be achieved through workforce involvement in following safety activities:

  • Safety Auditing
  • Safety meetings
  • Near miss reporting improvement initiatives
  • Preparation of processes (work method statements, risk assessment)

With the support of Felt leadership, Management Systems and workforce engagement, the organisation can achieve the goal of injury free work place- safe and healthy people, safe and tidy plant with safe working processes.

The organisations should strive for “Zero Harm”. Zero harm means staying safe all the time, 100%- no exceptions. Everyone, which includes employees, contractors and visitors, has the right to go home in the same condition in which they had arrived the construction site.

LYSAGHT® under the house of Tata BlueScope Steel’s exercises Zero Harm policy which is meant for its plant, people and environment with the ultimate focus to drive continuous improvement in health and safety performance. A robust management system framework and a sound safety governance structure drive this policy. Key initiatives taken to ensure Zero Harm are:

  • Robust safety plan based on Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC) policy of TBSPL
  • Safety training programs for employees
  • Regular Safety audits at on-site locations of LYSAGHT® and in workplaces
  • Safety competency and capability improvement
  • Development in safety leadership

Safety in Tata BlueScope Steel is paramount. Senior Leadership Team is responsible for implementing and reviewing the safety in plants and off-side construction sites of LYSAGHT®. Monthly review meeting agenda includes safety KPIs, LTI, MTI – Target Vs Actuals, Safety performance of each of the plant, offsite construction sites and environmental performance. Reiterating our contribution towards Safety, LYSAGHT® has been recognized with the CIDC Vishwakarma Award for Safety, Health and Environment during 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Inspire Your Senses With LYSAGHT® – Open up to a whole new world!

Human experiences are derived from all senses. We are most effective, creative and engaged when a variety of our senses, are stimulated through their interaction with colors, scents, shapes and textures that make up our physical surroundings. A cohesive sensory experience ignites our imagination enabling sense of peace, contentment and positivity.

We at LYSAGHT® believe that connection with our environment through senses have deep impact on us; shaping our thoughts, actions and stimulus. This new Campaign for Lysaght focuses on exploring human interactions with our products and solutions. ‘#Inspire Your Senses With LYSAGHT®’ is an effort at getting closer to these unique experiences our customers have with our offerings; evoking a sense of curiosity and wonder. Touch, smell, sound, sight and taste are magic ways of creating a moment, an experience and a memory which we have interwoven with some of our attributes that compliment with customers’ expectation.

Lysaght has always been at the forefront of enabling technologically advanced products and services within the building construction fraternity. From manufacturing excellence, supplying best-in-class product quality, engineering and construction services; Lysaght has grown from strength to strength over the years. Delivering innovative line of custom built products – wall and roof cladding, decking, purlins, accessories etc. to one of India’s fast growing sectors – Warehousing, Infrastructure, Industrial and Manufacturing; Lysaght is now poised to strengthen its customer focus with value added services that range from Construction, Re-Roofing Consultancy, AMC to name a few.

Decoding #Inspire your senses with LYSAGHT®

See your future built on Trust; governed by a strong legacy, reiterates the brand’s commitment to quality and performance. Sustainability engraved in its DNA assures longer life along with green credentials. Feel the Freedom of expression with an aesthetically exuberant array of cladding options deliver customized creations. Taste Success with Lysaght’s value added services driven by a strong team of experts, offer greater levels of customer centricity, cutting above rest of its peers. Hear global harmonies woven in contemporary threads of modern architecture. Blend-in all our senses and join us in this wonderful journey full of inspiration; infusing experiences and creating memories for years to come.

Do More with Less

DURASHINE® Rooftop Extenxio, your perfect choice for rooftop extensions!

From your favourite recreation corner, to that little workout zone or cosy children’s play area; roof top extensions have given a sigh of relief for families seeking more coverage and optimised functionality. With rising costs in space rentals and scarcity of space itself for new construction, roof top extensions have witnessed a growth in demand in highly urbanised cities in India. However, using conventional construction method faces varied challenges as it is too bulky to be used as a rooftop extension, takes a lot of time in constructing, needs additional treatment for sound and thermal insulations etc.

It has more benefits than one, to have an extra space within your home, office, shop or a cafeteria!

DURASHINE® Extenxio, from Tata BlueScope Steel, offers best alternative for rooftop extensions. With elegance, performance and reduced power consumption; DURASHINE® Extexio is a complete solution for creating more space for multiple purposes; providing a shield like protection for your structure.

Let us see some of the advantages that one can derive from DURASHINE® Extenxio:

  • Maintain Inside temperature: Durashine Roof top extensions help in saving energy due to the additional insulation in the form of roof they provide to the structure, as well as providing better cooling in heat prone areas. Without the roof top extension, there is much more power consumption to heat and cool the house depending on the changing weather conditions. This Steel roof top extensions offer better value for money when compared to traditional roofing material due to its durability and low maintenance requirement, while also being easy and quick to install.
  • Durability/ Increase lifespan of your structure: It gives your roof 2-to-4-time longer life due to their insulating properties, roof extensions minimize the temperature fluctuations, thus extending the life of your home/ structure. It is waterproof, leak proof, heat resistant which provide your structure a protection from heat and rain which gives Longer structural life your structure looks newer year on year.
  • Offers more space with an elegant look: People generally use roof extensions to create more space. It is much cheaper than moving to an entirely new place and also gives a new, better look to the old property. With the same space you can creates more room to accommodate more people or things.
  • High strength Light Weight: With DURASHINE® Extenxio, you can rest be assured of safety with regards to strength of the structure and its versatility. High strength steel ensures better formidability as compared to ordinary structures.
  • Wide range of colours: DURASHINE® offers multiple choices in terms of colours and roof designs. From stunning Castle red, to soothing Asian White; the pallete is vibrant.
  • Better Finish, Quicker Occupancy: DURASHINE® Extenxio made of top-quality steel is strong and gives neat and clean finish to the structure. Prefabricated steel roofing extensions can be installed quickly which saves time. We also offer special accessories to enhance the final look.

DURASHINE® has always been the forerunner of innovative and advanced roofing solutions. With more than 5000 touch points pan India, an expert team of fabricators and unmatched quality of roofing products; you can now have an extra space with complete peace of mind!

DURASHINE® Satin Silver Is A Fully Loaded Roofing Solution

A strong DNA plays an important role in growth and wellbeing in the long run. And this holds true for the choice of roofing you select while building your home, commercial complex, school or showroom too. Roofing is the most crucial aspect of our day-to-day living. It determines the quality of our life, the way we work and interact within our environment. Therefore before selecting any type of roof, we must consider all facets including technical, economical and aesthetics.

Combining the best of all three is Tata BlueScope Steel’s DURASHINE® Satin Silver – a fully loaded roofing solution!

  1. Strength & Versatility

    Satin Silver is made of high-tensile steel sourced from Tata Steel which gives 3 times more strength to structures. Ideal for residential and small commercial infrastructure, this profile is most suitable for building godowns, cold storages, poultry farms, factory sheds, marriage halls etc. Due to its versatile in-built feature; it can be used as false ceiling, partitions, both roof and wall sheets.

  2. Looks newer for longer

    The international coating technology present in its DNA along with the special resin coating, DURASHINE® Satin Silver roof protects your structure from all types of weather uncertainties. It also keeps it attractive for longer time as compared to the ordinary sheets. It also protects the sheet from scratches and smudge marks during transportation and installation.

  3. Thermally efficient

    High heat reflectivity index of Satin Silver ensures cooler interiors; perfect for storage where ambient temperatures are pertinent. Agri based applications here such as grain storage sheds, onion sheds, poultry farms would gain immense benefits with Satin Silver.

  4. Better drainage efficiency

    DURASHINE® Satin Silver with high rib design and wider pans enable quick and easy water drainage.

  5. Cost Effective

    With only one rib overlap, DURASHINE® Satin Silver gives more coverage in comparison to ordinary sheets.

Available in multiple shapes for various applications; DURASHINE® Satin Silver fulfills every customer need. For better finish and execution Tata BlueScope Steel offers accessories that well-compliment the roofing solutions installed. So if you are looking at a strong yet subtle roofing sheet that satisfies all your needs; we recommend you call our experts at Tata BlueScope Steel and place your order for DURASHINE® Satin Silver – a fully loaded roofing sheet indeed!