5 facts that make Solar Compatible Steel Roofs Your Next Investment

Did you know solar energy is the cheapest and most abundantly available form of energy? It is sustainable, energy efficient and fastest growing alternate. In the next 30 years, average roofs with solar panel can reduce pollution atleast 100 tons of CO2!

That obviously means cleaner air for everyone.

The cost of installing a solar system is decreasing significantly over the last few years, in addition incentives offered by government as well as public policies are driving the popularity of solar. Roofing plays an important role in optimising feasibility for setting up a solar system.

Metal Roofs – Perfect platform for solar panels
With solar roofs gaining immense thrust, the most preferred system for solar PV integration is metal roof. It is natural for one to choose metal roofs for installing solar panel because of its service life that even surpasses the life of a solar PV system.

LYSAGHT® Roofs with solar panel

Some of the advantages of metal sheets are as under:

  1. Lifespan
    Metal roofs offer strength, durability and long-lasting performance as compared to other roofing options.
  2. Sustainable
    Metal roofing is sustainable roofing type – that can be recycled and reused; and is conducive to lower solar installation costs, which is important for buyers that value both environmental and economic energy efficiencies.
  3. Energy Efficient
    The combination of colour coated metal roof and solar panel further lowers energy consumption which ultimately results in attaining high energy efficiency with cost savings.
  4. Ease of installation
    It is easier to install a metal roof and less expensive to mount it on solar panels. Solar PV can be mounted flawlessly on the standing seams or ribs of the roof, which serve as the rails to which modules are attached with reliable mechanical attachment methods; clips.
  5. Return on Investment
    Many building owners are now replacing their old roofs with metal roofs, especially for its ROI. Several elements contribute at making traditional roofing more expensive as compared to metal roofs due to cumbersome processes involved.

Focus on energy efficiency and sustainability has led to an increase in the use of solar in infra, industrial, manufacturing and commercial structures along with a sustained demand for metal roofing. Together, the two go together for their durability and low maintenance.

At Tata BlueScope Steel, we have always tried to constantly innovate through customized solutions that are strong, durable and sustainable. To address the demands of the solar segment in near future, we are equipped to provide optimised and high-quality solutions for bridging the demand supply gap. With ILIOS®, we aim to offer tailor made solutions addressing diverse customer needs.

ILIOS® – Perfect Synergy for Solar Energy
ILIOS® under the aegis of LYSAGHT® offers performance based solar module mounting solutions for roof-top applications. These customised structures offer higher corrosion resistance, weight optimisation and quick installation to ensure full value for customers seeking long-term advantages.

Let us see some of the advantages of ILIOS® Mounting Solutions

ILIOS® Mounting Solutions are powered by LYSAGHT® Roofing: High strength light weight LYSAGHT® profiles are compatible with ILIOS® Roof-Top Solar Mounting Solutions. They are fixed with special clips that are indigenously designed and developed to specifically suit LYSAGHT® profiles. Solar panels are directly mounted on LYSAGHT® profiles, instead of drilling holes which eliminates the chances of leakages and faults in roofing system. Additionally, LYSAGHT® profiles are made from sustainable COLORBOND® steel or ZINCALUME® steel that is backed by THERMATECH™ technology, which enhances the thermal performance of your roof. This reduces the overall energy consumption; making your metal solar roofs sustainable, energy efficient and cost effective.

If you are someone looking for an alternate and sustainable roofing solution; do get in touch with our experts for more information. Not only would you land up investing in a greener future, committed to the environment; but earn complete peace of mind!

Safe Construction Practices for Industrial Roofing

Especially within the construction industry, where the odds are worse!

Being an unorganized sector, the fatality rate within the construction sector is higher as compared to the national average of other industries. Risks involved here range from – being caught in between malfunctioning machineries or equipment, getting electrocuted due to exposed wires, falling from height or tipping over ladders or getting struck by an object caused due to negligence to name a few. The fatalities are a result of compromised quality in the machinery or the equipment sourced, sheer carelessness due to lack of adequate safety training or simply an absence of safety culture. An alarming rate of on-site accidents reported over the years, serves as a wake-up call for safety regulators, government agencies and industry influences to reconsider the safety norms mandated at construction sites.

We, at Tata BlueScope Steel have always strived to introduce advanced technologies for manufacturing sustainable products and solutions for the construction industry. This has transformed the way people look at building structures today. Our manufacturing plants located pan India are fully automated. With adequate software, seamlessly integrated with the manufacturing equipment, enable design optimisation and precision. We also lay greater emphasis on partnerships based on skills and experience. Every partner/builder associated with us must comply to perquisite standards through certification, safety adherence, best practices in project management and so on for all our client sites. Along with keeping your building and people protected, it’s top priority to keep roofers (5th most dangerous job in construction industry) out of harm’s way and secure. We have made adequate investments in high end equipments such as SkyWeb II® system that provides fall protection especially during roof construction to address this concern. This is well complemented by a high-level mechanism, such as regular safety audits, adequately trained staff, supervisors and on-site workers, robust safety management framework under ‘Zero Harm Policy’ mitigates number of life-threatening incidences laden on the construction sites.

Steered by a team of experts, Tata BlueScope Steel’s LYSAGHT® Solutions offers a wholistic experience for anyone looking for sustainable, safe and performance-oriented building products and construction services. With expert installation, a dedicated project management team and LAB Network (LYSAGHT® Authorized Builders); we assure an on-time project delivery. Our value-added services post installation includes roof diagnostics, annual maintenance contract and re-roofing.

Explore how LYSAGHT LOK-KLIP™ enhances leak proof performance for your roofs!

Roof is one of the most important architectural considerations, as it protects us against myriad natural elements. Steel roofs are a design favourite of architects looking for durability, versatility and aesthetics. There are two main types of sheet metal installation techniques or fastening systems for a given project. One of them is pierced fixed roofing technique or concealed fixed roofing technique.

What is concealed fix roofing system?

Concealed fix roofing system does not involve piercing of the roof sheet and is fixed with a specialised clip that holds the entire system intact enabling a leak proof performance, which is well-fortified against external disturbances.

The clips used to fix this sheet to the purlins serve two purposes:

Firstly, they sidestep the need for holes in the sheet (which prevents the possibility of leakage through perforation).
Secondly, when faced with changing thermal conditions the roof can expand and contract in a sliding movement over the clips.

Features of concealed fix roofing:

  • Less prone to leakages due to absence of exposed fixings that enables watertight performance
  • Possible in desired lengths due to onsite roll forming
  • No-end-laps eliminate potential for ingress at laps along with accelerated corrosion

LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® with LOK-KLIP™ – The Ultimate Concealed Fix Roofing Solution

LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® 700 with LOK-KLIP™, is an established concealed fix roofing profile which is most popular in all types of infra, commercial and industrial projects for the value it adds in form of project longevity, performance and minimum maintenance. On-site roll forming is possible using LYSAGHT® concealed fixed KLIP-LOK® 700 profile for longer lengths. Also if customer requires a non-piercing system for the roof and if there are constraints for on-site roll-forming due to space availability or machine is unable to reach remote locations, LYSAGHT® offers LOK-KLIP™ end joint/expansion joint system for KLIP-LOK® 700. LOK-KLIP™ arrangement makes the entire system weather-tight.


  • Fast & Effective: This innovative product enables contractors and roof fixers to easily and quickly install weather resistant end and expansion joints between overlapping sheets of LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® 700
  • Tried and Tested: LYSAGHT LOK-KLIP™ system has been fully tested under cyclonic and non-cyclonic conditions for weather resistance and wind uplift in NATA accredited testing facility
  • Excellent thermal expansion and contraction
  • Economical: Without the additional purlin detailing required for conventional step joints, the LYSAGHT LOK-KLIP™ system can also serve to be cost-effective

So, if you are looking for quick, innovative and a well-fortified weather resistant roofing solution; do get in touch with our experts or visit our website: www.tatabluescopesteel.com The profile can be ordered in transportable lengths through factory roll forming. Our roofing solutions are backed by Tata BlueScope Steel warranty, for your complete peace of mind!

From simple to royal!

Transform your spaces with Wood Finish Partitions and False Ceilings

Textures and Designs have the power to create a perfect ambience and can uplift your mood almost instantaneously! Nothing beats the texture and warmth of natural wood finish used mostly for home interiors and commercial spaces. These warm hues create pleasant emotional responses. It also helps transport exteriors into the four walls of your home.

However, you don’t need to depend on natural resources for the wood finish.

Steel is your best bet where you can get performance and smooth aesthetics in wood finish. Be it a partition wall or false ceiling, steel withstands complete wear and tear over the years with its sturdy built. With the joy of natural living made from the elegance of steel, you can now beautify your home with wall claddings or false ceilings in wood finish.

Every designer knows the importance of the fifth wall: Just as a building is incomplete without a sturdy roof, home/ office/ showroom interiors are incomplete without a good ceiling. The ceiling or the fifth wall is steadily gaining popularity in the world of interior design that only focus on four walls and ground. Although false ceiling designs have been around for years, they’re getting back with renewed patterns, finishes, technology and illusions. Wood finish is very popular in this segment. Giving myriad tonal quality to your interiors.

Partitions that are both functionally superior and aesthetically pleasing: On the other side, interior partitions help you organize the space and even arrange the area according to your needs. Your desire to have a comfortable, modern and suitable partition is perfectly achieved with wood finish steel.

DURASHINE® from Tata BlueScope Steel offers Woodline range of wall partitions and ceiling options for transforming spaces from simple interiors to royal insides. A cost-effective option with the strength of steel, Woodline in steel is far more superior and cheaper option than actual wood, PVC or POP; if considered for a long term. Packed with the goodness of wood with and the sturdiness of high tensile steel, you sure to find a perfect blend of good looks and greater performance. With longer spans and minimum joints; these panels are easy to install and maintain. It is faster, easier and structurally stronger than all the other conventional options. Woodline is also suitable for exterior applications such as outdoor extensions, patios, walling etc. If you wish to make a changeover to your existing home, shop or a community centre; do get in touch with our experts or visit company website: www.tatabluescopesteel.com

How Industrial Louvres induce Productivity

What would you do to be more productive? Simply open a window or a vent; and take a breath of fresh air! Absurd as it may sound, but true to its letter, fresh air improves productivity and your bottom line.

A healthy building is the one that allows better air quality for the people working in it.

It’s time industrial and manufacturing should recognise the importance of louvers and take necessary actions to optimize their air quality for employees’ health and overall productivity. Air-flow is an important part of any workspace system while keeping rain, dust and debris out.

Louvers play an important role in determining how we maintain our interiors more conducive. They help in maintaining cool and ventilated insides and keeps out unwanted water or moisture infiltration.

Threats that can result in heavy maintenance in absence of Louvers are:

  • Influx of dust settled on equipments or machinery, over the time can cause premature equipment breakdown and unwanted accidents.
  • Moisture infiltration can ruin interior surfaces and encourage mould growth.

Let us see how Louvers help prevent contaminants out of your industrial building:

You will find Louvers mostly in industrial and storage buildings. They comprise of the ventilation system on roof and wall, often required to reduce accumulation of dust, vapor and heat inside buildings to conducive levels. If combined with roof ventilators, louvers provide continuous circulation of fresh air, creating healthier environment for the building occupants.

Industrial wall louvers are used for mainly air ventilation, air intake, air exhaust, and decorative applications as well and are available in diverse range of performance and appearance possibilities. While providing fresh air, Louvers can also provide aesthetics to building design.

Industrial Louvers are packed with benefits such as:

  • Stronger: Industrial Louvers are much stronger than their commercial counterparts. Made of thicker gauge material such as extruded aluminium or stainless steel. They easily withstand the heavy industrial wear and tear.
  • Larger: Industrial Louvers are larger than commercial louvers. They also work in conjunction with one another. Dozens of units become placed in a row to create one long wall louver.
  • More Efficient: With the larger size of the unit, and the higher level of airflow required, industrial louvers are often more efficient than non-industrial units.

Tata BlueScope Steel offers custom-designed louvers through its Building Products division.


LYSGAHT LOUVREMAX® is a high-strength roll-formed steel louvre system that ensures both security and ventilation. Made from high strength steel these louvers are functionally superior and are ideal for various cladding applications such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, industrial set ups etc. that require high volumes of air inlets. Well designed & strategically placed LOUVREMAX® provides an excellent source of natural ventilation to ensure maximum air flow.

LYSAGHT LOUVREMAX® Design Advantages

  • LOUVREMAX® innovative baffle designs help prevents rainwater and sand dust penetration.
  • LOUVREMAX® system is designed to produce optimal balance between aerodynamic performance & suitable protection from rain penetration.
  • LYSAGHT LOUVREMAX® minimizes space required for fans and other ventilation equipment.

LYSAGHT LOUVREMAX® System reduces water penetration by 33% as compared to ordinary louvers

These optimally designed, and functionally superior louvres are compatible with high strength light weight LYSAGHT® roofing profiles available in multiple shapes and colours. Comfort, durability and superior finish make Louvre Systems from Tata BlueScope Steel the most preferred choice! If you are looking at setting up your next industrial facility, a warehouse or a manufacturing premise; do get in touch with our team of experts or visit the website:

Roofing Solutions for Modern Warehousing

The post-pandemic era has witnessed major boost within the warehousing sector. FMCG players, Pharma companies, E commerce and large online sellers now focus on having more control over their warehousing and logistics facilities to ensure efficient operations and better customer experience. Warehouses are no more just simple storage spaces; they are mega distribution centers, e-commerce zones and convenient outlets for businesses.

But have you ever wondered, how do warehouses derive their efficiencies?

A robust roofing system is an invaluable investment. A good quality roof protects the building from extreme weather conditions such as hail, rain, storm, snow. Roofing is one of the most critical building components of a warehouse that not only ensures longevity of the building but also protection of your goods under extreme weather conditions. There are many roofing choices available in the market, but the right one can only add to the building’s overall value and appearance. Selection of a suitable cladding for construction of a warehouse is indeed imperative.

Focus on innovation, cost, speed and versatility is gaining precedence. Let us look at some imperatives considered before embarking upon building a warehouse:

  • Uncompromised Quality
  • Longer Life
  • Maintenance Free Structure
  • Thermally Efficient
  • Leak Proof Performance
  • Faster Turnaround
  • Clear Spans

Warehouses made of steel are considered as one the most preferred structures as compared to conventional buildings. LYSGAHT® roofing solutions from Tata BlueScope Steel is known for its world-class workmanship – right from manufacturing, to installation/replacement and after sales services; our team of experts ensure you get the best roofing solutions for your warehouse.

Reasons to believe why LYSAGHT® is the best roofing solution:

  • Design & Engineering Expertise: A strong in-house engineering team offers technical support with an end-to-end experience, that includes optimized design and detailing.
  • Value Differentiation: Through unique profiles available in multiple options such screwed down, concealed fixed and standing seam
  • Superior Performance: LYSAGHT® profiles are light weight with long lasting paint technology that ensures greater durability and corrosion resistance. A delight for architects looking at design flexibility and multiple-choice options in vibrant colors and shapes.
  • On-site roll forming enables desired lengths of sheets as per requirement.
  • Packed with Green Credentials
    • Thermally efficient roofs with THERMATECH® Technology in-built in its material
    • Solar compatible
  • RoHS compliant & Lead-Free
  • Tried and Tested: With a dedicated Technical Excellence Research Centre since 1960’s, all LYSAGHT® profiles undergo several rigorous tests and proven processes both in laboratories and actual site conditions.
  • World class construction processes and safety practices ensure smooth erection and on-time project delivery.
  • One-stop-solution: LYSAGHT® offers complete design solution to the warehouse customer, and right from building products, engineering, design and manufacturing; enabling complete piece of mind!

We at Tata BlueScope Steel understand your need for warehouse roofing and we are here to help you with our team of experts and advanced solutions. We undertake several brownfield/greenfield projects, retro-fitment requirements and re-roofing projects. Reach out to us for all your warehouse roofing needs and we will ensure you get the best fit in form of roofing solutions as per your budget and building design requirements.

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FM Logistics, HaryanaAmazon India, Hyderabad

Modern Day Machines in Roofing: Where Superiority Meets Adaptability

Machines and the science behind them have evolved over centuries. Each era is distinctly defined by the invention of its machines and tools. Be it the crude hammerstone of the palaeolithic age or the modern-day robotics; machines and tools used have only advanced over centauries for enabling structures that can be delivered faster, better and with utmost precision.

Customer Demands

Construction industry has witnessed a paradigm shift. Especially the roofing industry. With research, technical ability and creative thinking; architects today defy convention while designing structures. They are willing to experiment. Modern machinery for manufacturing innovative roofing solutions and their installation using hi-tech tools have made it possible to revolutionize design thinking. There is substantial pull for advanced technologies mainly due to dissatisfaction experienced in the existing traditional solutions. Customers today seek complete value for money with maximum returns. Product superiority can be achieved through world class manufacturing set-up, quality tools and well-trained manpower that promise both finish and safety. Hence, there has been a tectonic shift in the manufacturing processes with in the roofing industry, primarily to cope up with the latest trends, consumer demands for quality standards, higher aesthetics, faster deliveries to name a few.

Modern Machines & Roof Manufacturing

For supplying high quality products and solutions with innovative designs and a strong customer focus; Tata BlueScope Steel has always been at the forefront of introducing advanced technologies through state-of-art manufacturing processes and installation practices through LYSAGHT® Solutions. The brand’s product superiority is well complemented by Tata BlueScope Steel’s advanced multi-locational manufacturing facilities located strategically in Chennai, Pune, Bhiwadi, and Jamshedpur ensuring easy product availability and an on-time delivery with consistency in quality of the products supplied. The plants are equipped with high end manufacturing machinery supplied by internationally acclaimed brands like Hayes and Bradbury. Due to precision in manufacturing; wastage is eliminated; optimising benefits for the customer. Our plants are fully equipped with Automation systems that helps maintain consistency in roofing profiles and ensures no dimensional variations.

Such high-class machines maintain appropriateness in shapes and sizes of roofing sheets with minimum wastage and proper fitting at the time of installation. The rollers used in these machines are made of high-grade steel to ensure the output is of superior quality roll formed sheets. Higher number of stages in our rolling machines ensures gradual forming for better formability and product quality. Accordingly, such features make LYSAGHT® roofing sheets the most preferred choice in the market due to its better life, no corrosion and less maintenance thereby benefitting our customers in terms of cost savings with peace of mind. For any roll forming machine, tools are the most critical part. We specifically focus on using best quality tools, supplied by renowned international manufacturers, to ensure defect free surfaces of roofing sheets. This is doubly assured by minimum human interaction with very little or no room for deviation.

The counting of the sheets before despatch too is done automatically through latest PLC system for accurate quantity of supply to the customers. Daily operations, quality, order flow and inventory management is done through latest SAP system to ensure minimum manual intervention, minimising errors and timely delivery of the material to the customer.

Some of our roofing profiles can be manufactured on site using world-class mobile roll-forming technology, which not only gives single length from the ridge to the eave, but also helps in making a high performing leak-proof structure with better control over quality installation. Crimp curve and tooth curve machines enable us to provide curved profiles which are in demand for modern architecture creating design flexibility for our customers.

We follow world class safety practices to give expert installation services by using equipment like boom lift, mast climber, screw gun to name a few. This enables quality installation and erection ensuring long life and leak proof performance of our roofing system. Our seaming machines used for standing seam profiles seams the lap joints by 360o assuring complete weather tightness even in unforgiving conditions. The manufacturing expertise, machines and equipment used in our construction services have unmatched capabilities which enable us to build high performing roofing systems. The state-of-art of equipments also help us working under formidable conditions such as cyclonic regions, daunting heights, intense summers to name a few.

With a will to offer best in class products driven by Quality and Innovation, Tata BlueScope Steel continuously focuses on investing in modern machineries to leverage superior technology and build our organisational capabilities to deliver projects on-time.

Do get in touch with our experts to know more how about safe construction practices with best-in-class products can help deliver safer and long-lasting structures. Visit our website for more details: www.tatabluescopesteel.com

Benefits of Integrating Daylighting Systems with Metal Panels

Brighten Up Spaces by Perfecting Daylights!

LYSAGHT® Roofing offers architecturally pleasing lighting control solutions
Do you wish to enhance your morale? Experience lesser fatigue? Or even improve your mood? If yes, your search for an ideal ambience ends here! Appropriate light signals during the day and darkness at night are crucial in managing key aspects of our overall health, mood and productivity. Daylighting has been interrelated with enhanced morale, improved mood, less fatigue and reduced eyestrain.

Before we dwell any further, let us see what is ‘Daylighting’ in architecture?
Daylighting is the controlled admission of natural, direct or diffused sunlight inside a building to reduce electric lighting and saving energy. As the need for sustainable design grows, daylighting has become extremely critical in reducing the impact of a built environment. Effective daylighting creates comfortable and visually stimulating environment while improving the energy efficiency of the building; making it a sustainable solution.

Versatility of Daylighting
Daylight solutions can be integrated into a variety of metal roof – flat, curved or pitched. They are found in a diverse range of buildings such as commercial centers, sports complexes, industrial facilities, warehouses or agricultural structures. Manufacturers provide a varied range of daylighting options like skylights, wall-lights, windows, light tubes, mirrors, and other reflective surfaces to direct light into the working space. All these daylighting options have different design capabilities and degrees of performance.

Did you know?
One can reduce artificial lighting by upto 70% which may account for 30-50% of building’s total energy consumption!

Skylights are a design favorite. They act as light diffusing agents installed alongside the roof. Major types of skylights used with steel roofing panels are Polycarbonate sheet and Fiber Reinforced Plastic sheets (FRP). These sheets are available in various shapes and types like opaque, transparent, translucent and diffused. Skylights ensure impact and temperature resistance along with light transmission. They can be manufactured in standard and non-standard sizes ensuring compatibility with metal roofing sheets

If you are looking for a perfect partner who could seamlessly integrate skylights with metal sheets; LYSAGHT® Roof and Wall Cladding Solutions by Tata BlueScope Steel should be your obvious choice. LYSAGHT® roof and wall cladding profiles are compatible with skylight and wall-light sheets in standard and non- standard offerings as per customer requirement. With expert installation processes and a skilled task force, we ensure standard installation practices for lapping roof and skylight panel joints to enhance weather tightness of the complete roofing system.

Right from design and detailing to supply and installation; LYSAGHT® team of experts ensure you have a hassle-free experience while building your structure. Do visit our website www.tatabluescopesteel.com for further clarification or get in touch with our experts by calling 18002708333

Designing Roofs for Low Maintenance, Cost Optimization and Error Proofing

What’s the difference between a good roofing design and a bad one? If you see from functionality point of view, a “bad” roof design will show results in no time. It would require extensive maintenance, it may falter on finishes and can show signs of leakages within months of roof completion. A ‘bad’ roof design will have poor conformity to building regulations, codes, resistance to external forces or even in-adequate insulation, making it energy inefficient. Between constant repairs and increased energy costs, you’ll land up spending your money maintaining the roof, then you did on its initial construction.

Roof systems are most critical investment not only due to their cost but also because of the valuable assets they protect in the long-term. Especially in an industrial or a manufacturing set-up where frequent maintenance can mar operational efficiency thereby affecting delivery targets.

While architects or structural designers are ready to embrace complex designs, the need for perfection is imperative right from the first design draft. With notable improvements in design technology and manufacturing processes; complex and unusual designs of metal roofs have become widely accepted.

Necessary conduits of design engineering:

No-one wishes to design a bad roof. However certain considerations should not be neglected:

  • Ensure a close understanding between a highly professional design team and the contractor to help optimize roof design, while minimizing errors during actual execution.
  • To address critical engineering challenges, use modern-day software. With precision, it helps develop robust, well-engineered and high-performance designs.
  • Safety too plays a significant part. Adding safety features like walk-ways, access platforms, safety nets etc. would minimize on-site fatalities and maintenance.
  • Use accessories that perfectly complement finishes for improving overall functionality.
  • Necessary arrangements for equipments such as wires, down-pipes for water harvesting, HVAC equipments, solar panel should be considered.

The above factors when combined, enables you to build roofing system that have long life and require minimum maintenance over the time. Accordingly, the role of engineering becomes very crucial in capital intensive industrial roofing!

Reinforce your Roof Design with LYSAGHT® Engineering

At LYSAGHT® we work with you to ensure that your roof designs are safe, optimized and as per required design codes. LYSAGHT’s in-house engineering provides Design Solutions for a large gamut of applications – Roof & Wall Cladding, Purlins & Girts, Composite Decking and Solar Module Mounting Solutions.

Our Engineering team is trained on the latest know-how of Indian and International codes and practices that match both market and customer needs. We constantly upgrade our technology with support from BlueScope R&D Team. We take help from prestigious institutions such as IIT-M for vetting our designs for further improvements as and when required. In addition to that, we conduct tests for our products to suit Indian conditions at IITs and NABL approved labs in India to give complete assurance to our esteemed customers. We use Global Engineering software like STAAD Pro, MBS, Autocad, Tekla and some of our proprietary software like MEGAFLOOR for Composite Slab and SUPRACAD for LGFS Solutions.

We extend Structural Warranty Certificates to Designs like Solar MMS. Engineering team is also capable of addressing all types of site issues, on time solutions, site measurements in case of re-roofing jobs or retrofitting jobs and roof diagnoses. Engineering expertise coupled with industry wide best design & manufacturing ability makes our services highly customer centric. LYSAGHT® solutions always endeavour to complete on-time delivery of projects which in turn optimises cost for our customers.

Use of global engineering software, adherence to international standards and codes, state of the art manufacturing capabilities, quality testing practices ensures error proofing in our 360◦ customer focused solution.

To ensure you get the best value for your money; do visit our website www.tatabluescopesteel.com for more information.

Advantages of an Insulated Metal Roof System

They say beauty is more than skin deep. This is true, especially while you consider a building or a structure. The most basic requirement of any building is to keep the external elements – heat, rain, cold and noise out; while keeping comfortable conditions in, for the building occupants. Advances in manufacturing processes, materials and technologies have transformed the way we keep our inside temperatures as conducive as possible. Thanks to Insulated Metal Roof Systems!

To ensure better thermal performance and sound control inside a building, Insulated Metal Roof System plays a vital role. To avoid energy losses and minimize expense on other equipments to cool the inside premise, we need to create our buildings as energy-efficient as possible.

So, if you are a far-sighted person, Insulated Metal Roof System will be your perfect choice!

Insulated Metal Roof System enables better performance of the structure and enhances experience for people working under it. This system can go a long way in providing long term benefits.

What is Insulated Metal Roof System?
This type of metal roof system helps in reducing the overall heat transfer coefficient by adding materials with low thermal conductivity. It also maintains an ambient temperature in the building and works as a barrier to heat loss and gain.

Let us see some of the advantages of an Insulated Metal Roof System:

  • Heat Prevention: In summers, insulated roof works on minimizing the heat transfer between inside and outside of the building.
  • Heat Retention: Locations with lower temperatures where heating structures is unavoidable, insulation works best to prevail warmth inside the premise.
  • Energy Efficiency: A well-insulated roof helps save on energy consumption by improving energy efficiency, comfort, and living standards in both modern commercial as well as Industrial buildings.
  • Acoustic Control: Insulation acts as an infill between two metal sheets. It not only reduces heat transmission but also external sounds such as thunder, rain, hail etc. noise from entering the building envelope through the roof.

There are two types of insulations predominantly used in an Insulated Metal Roofing System:

  • Glass Wool Insulation:Glass wool is made from recycled glass or sand, soda ash and limestone.
  • Rock Wool Insulation: The rock wool is made from basalt, volcanic rock, and an increased proportion of material that is recycled in the form of briquettes.
Note: In Insulated Metal Roofing System, insulation can withstand temperature upto 400o C, offering an incredibly high thermal performance. Higher the insulation thickness, better is the thermal conductivity.

However, for a well-insulated metal roofing system, you need a trustworthy partner. Fortunately LYSAGHT® roof and wall cladding solutions from Tata BlueScope Steel can help you install your new fully insulated roof.

About LYSAGHT® Insulated Metal Roof System
LYSAGHT® profiles can be used in Single Skin and Double Skin Insulated Roof systems. LYSAGHT® roof and wall systems provide superior energy efficiency combined with aesthetics for your next project. LYSAGHT® recommends Roll Insulation for Single Skin roof and Both Slab and Roll Insulation for Double Skin Roof.

LYSAGHT® Insulated Metal Roofing Systems’ advantages:

  1. Performs better for environment control during fire, smoke emission and toxic emissions
  2. It is suitable for all types of buildings
  3. Insulation thickness can be customized as per requirement
  4. Different insulation solution is provided depending upon local weather conditions
  5. Foil laminates are also available to reflect heat and provide vapor barrier

Illustrations of some of our offerings:

Choose your type of metal roof insulation system today! At Tata BlueScope Steel, we can help you choose the right one. To get started with a roofing installation or replacement, visit us at www.tatabluescopesteel.com