Recommended Fabricators

skilled craftsmanship

DURASHINE® sheets are installed by Trained Fabricators ensuring superior craftsmanship and economical design with appropriate use of accessories.


a genuine product

DURASHINE® sheets are trusted for good quality and value. Our products have a brandmark on the reverse side of the sheet, that give details of the grade and thickness for easy identification and assurance of a genuine product. The accurate thickness, width and length ensures a perfect fit every time.

Wide Product Range

suits every requirement

DURASHINE® offers a wide range of colour & metallic coated steel sheets that match your extact requirement. The brand also offers corresponding accessories like gutter, flashing, ridge etc. ensuring a seamless appearance of the building.

Attractive Apperance

Long lasting aesthetics year on year

DURASHINE® sheets are manufactured with the world’s most advanced metal and paint coating technology. This oven baked paint finish resists peeling and cracking ensuring a more durable performance. DURASHINE® sheets are available in a variety of aesthetically pleasing colours.

Performs better during rains

DURASHINE® sheets come with an unique anti-caplillary groove that ensures better performance during rains. The sheets have wider valley for higher water discharge in case of heavy rains.

Cooler Interiors

reduce temperature upto 50 C*

DURASHINE® sheets help maintain greater thermal comfort all year round and helps reduce heat radiation penetrating inside the building, thus making the interiors cooler.

Higher Strength & Load Bearing Capacity

DURASHINE® sheets have minimum yield strength of 550MPa (0.45 TCT) that ensures required strength for roofing application, offers a better load carrying capacity and resists external forces as compared to another Colour Coated sheets of 0.60mm (250 MPa) steel*

Lasts Longer

2 to 3 times Longer Life than ordinary color coated galvanized sheets*

DURASHINE® sheets have assured Al-Zn alloy coating (55% Aluminium, 43.4% Zinc and 1.6% Sikon) that provides better corrosion resistance. It combines galvanic protection of Zinc and the barrier protection of Aluminum ensures the sheets last upto 2-4 times longer than ordinary sheets in similar environment”.