More Space

More Space

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Increased Lifespan

Increased Lifespan


Safeguard your structure with DURASHINE® EXTENXIO, your trusted high performance roof extension from Tata BlueScope Steel. Durashine roof extensions are aesthetically superior and durable roofing solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Expertly constructed and easily installable, these attractive roofing solutions with false ceiling offer strength and flexibility transforming your terrace, home, office or a commercial zone into extended live-able spaces. A promise of 100% Leak-proof performance with high corrosion resistance; DURASHINE® roof ensures your structure remains newer for longer.

DURASHINE® EXTENXIO is an innovative solution for ensuring your home is secured, also converting an extra space into a utility area. These sheets can be fully insulated as per requirement.


Covered terrace
Increased utility area
Protection from rain & heat
Reduces inside temperature
Reduced energy consumption
Reduced costs on water proofing
Improves life of structure
Improves paint life

DURASHINE® Roof & Wall Sheets

Material Specifications
Total Painted Thickness (mm): 0.37/ 0.47/ 0.52/ 0.62
Sheet Length* (mm): 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24
*Sheet length in feet is approximate value | Accessories Available

Covered Structure Vs Non-Covered Structure

 Structure with DURASHINE® ExtensioNon-Covered Structure


The life expectancy of a DURASHINE® Extensio home increases due to the protection it offers against harsh environment.

A non-covered Structure loses its propensity over the time to withstand extreme climatic conditions.

Paint Life

DURASHINE® Extensio helps retain paint life of the building; making it look aesthetically superior for longer

The paint tends to wash out in case of exposed structures


A well covered building provides structural stability and weather resilience.

Exposed structures often tend to loose strength due to its material disadvantage. (conventional concrete buildings)

Thermal Efficiency

DURASHINE® roofs reflect sun’s rays, keeping inside temperature cooler by upto 5 degree Celsius

Structures without roofs tend to absorb heat raising the inside temperatures of the buildings


DURASHINE® with its unique anti-capillary grove ensures 100% leak proof performance

A non-covered roof leads to water seepage causing cracking, peeling, and chipping of the wall paint causing permanent damage


Least maintenance

High on maintenance

Modern and contemporary Durashine roof extensions work as an ideal space improvement product that quickly expands your living space, secures your structure and ensures your compete peace of mind!

Backed by 40 Years of Research & Development

Inspiring Color Range

  • Asian WhiteTM
  • Cool BlueTM
  • Nuvo BlueTM
  • Bright GreenTM
  • Pearl GreenTM
  • Castle RedTM
  • Passion RedTM
  • Cherry RedTM
  • Graphite GreyTM
  • Coffee BrownTM
1. The above colours are only for illustrative purpose and actual colours may vary.
2. All the above colour names are trademarks under DURASHINE® brand.

Most Awarded Roofing Brand in India

India’s No. 1 Brand 2017 for Colour Coated Steel Sheets
India’s No. 1 Brand 2017 for Colour Coated Steel Sheets
India’s Most Trusted Brand 2016 for Colour Coated Steel Sheets
India’s Most Trusted Brand 2016 for Colour Coated Steel Sheets
India’s No. 1 Brand 2016 for Colour Coated Steel Sheets
India’s No. 1 Brand 2016 for Colour Coated Steel Sheets
Asia’s Most Promising Brand 2014
Asia’s Most Promising Brand 2014
Asia’s Most Trusted Brand 2018
Asia’s Most Trusted Brand 2018