Sustainable building solutions for the future
BUTLER® Building Systems is a premium, globally renowned building solution, which provides design, manufacture and construction of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings. The history of the brand dates back in 1901, when the company BUTLER® Manufacturing was founded in the US. This company was acquired in the year 2004, by BlueScope. BUTLER® Building Systems is available in the SAARC regions through Tata BlueScope Steel. Butler has pioneered many new products and concepts, challenging limitations of pre-engineered buildings. Butler Solutions provide long-term value to the buildings by making them durable and weather tight, with double-lock roof seams and insulated purlins along with energy conservation. Butler’s new building systems defied traditional ideas of pre-engineering and introduced Multi-storey and Widespan structural systems. By providing timely construction and superior solution, BUTLER® Building Solutions has achieved a high acceptance in Commercial, Industrial, Infrastructure and Warehousing sectors.