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building a smart steel structure to combat covid - 19

Smart steel life care Structures to combat COVID-19

To combat the pandemic and contain the spread, Tata BlueScope Steel is committed to help the nation fight back virus through its solutions. Optimising healthcare facilities for the affected is the need of the hour. With limited number of hospitals and isolation wards to accommodate the ongoing influx of the patients, it is critical to find alternatives that are secure and quick to erect. With its expertise and experience in socially relevant projects; EZYBUILD® resolved to Design, Develop and Install customised lifecare solutions in form of Isolation & Quarantine units, Testing & Sample collection booths and Doctor's Cabins.

  • EZYBUILD COV-kill is easy install

    Quick & Easy Installation

  • EZYBUILD COV-kill is a modular structure


  • EZYBUILD structures are easy maintain

    Easy to Maintain

  • EZYBUILD structures provide thermal efficinecy

    Thermally efficient

  • EZYBUILD solutions are durable




Isolation & Quarantine Units

A mainstay for cluster containment, isolation and quarantine units are extremely critical to control the pandemic. Designed adequately to house enough patients, suitable medical supplies and hygienic sanitation; COV-Kill are the new age isolation units that are spacious and planned as per medical protocol.


  • Designed as per Medical Guidance on Social Distancing
  • Complete & Ready-to-use cabins of size 3.66 m x 9.9 m x 2.4 m
  • Accommodating 6 Beds (with 1000 mm gap) & 2 Toilets
  • Adequate ventilation for doctors and patients
  • Insulated with double layer insulation roof.
  • Essential Civil, Electrical & Plumbing Work Provided

Quarantine wards are KIT solutions where Wall and Roof panel are assembled onsite. They can be easily dismantled, packed and shifted as and when required. Its assembly and dismantling does not require heavy duty cranes and material handling equipment.

EZYBUILD® COV-Kill is designed for isolation and quarantine
a testing & sample collection kiosk


Testing & Sample Collection Kiosk

Designed with care, these kiosks ensure highest safety standards for healthcare professionals while collecting & testing samples. Tata BlueScope Steel has developed a contactless chamber built to avoid direct contact with the person. The shielding screen of kiosk cabin protects from aerosols of patients while taking sample. It also minimises the use of PPE for each sample taken.


  • Designed as per Medical Guidance on Social Distancing
  • 2 different designs: One for 2 patient booth and the other is for single patient
  • Size for 2 patient booth: 1.66 m x 4.8m x 2.4 m Size for single patient booth: 1.5 m x 1.5 m x 2.4
  • Spacious cabin size for medical equipment
  • Adequate Ventilation.
  • Essential Civil, Electrical & Plumbing Work provided
  • Modular and customizable solutions are also available as per customer need
Designed as per Medical Guidance on Social Distancing

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