Shelter for All: Sustainable Community Development through Modern Construction

Advancements in construction methods, fueled by technological progress in engineering and architecture, are catering innovative solutions to the most complex problems revolving around the welfare of communities. This transformative approach can be illustrated by a noteworthy example named, ‘Shelter for All’ which is a testament to the power of collaboration and resourceful problem-solving skills.

In 2022, a municipal corporation hospital in Pimpri Chinchwad found itself grappling with a pressing issue – the need to shift its maternity ward to the ground floor from the third floor. Financial constraints posed a significant hurdle, hindering the hospital’s ability to undertake traditional construction. Pregnant women encountered difficulties accessing the existing maternity ward on the third floor, especially in the absence of elevator services.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the hospital sought assistance through Tata BlueScope Steel’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. Tata BlueScope Steel, known for its commitment to community welfare, responded with a groundbreaking solution that went beyond conventional construction methods. The proposed strategy involved the implementation of a pre-engineered or pre-fabricated structure spanning approximately 215 square meters. This structure efficiently accommodated five rooms designated for use as a maternity ward, effectively eliminating the need for pregnant women to navigate to the third floor. Consequently, this vacated the third floor to be used for other essential medical services, demonstrating the versatile applications of Durashine Roof Sheets in addressing critical infrastructure needs.

The success of the ‘Shelter for All’ initiative lies in its ability to address a critical community need by leveraging innovative construction techniques. The use of pre-engineered structures provided a rapid and cost-effective solution to the leading question of financial resources and time required for construction, with Durashine Roofing playing a pivotal role in ensuring durability and longevity. Since the structure came into play, more than 50,000 women have benefited through this structure crafted with Durashine sheets highlighting the importance of Steel Roofing Sheets in providing sustainable infrastructure solutions.

Constructing or expanding schools becomes a challenging task as the demand arises with an increasing number of students in each admission cycle. Using pre-fabricated structures is a one-stop solution for such expressions. In October 2022, PCMC reached out to TBSPL for a project related to the construction of a school. Recognizing the issue and resource constraints, TBSPL proactively suggested a solution involving the construction of a pre-engineered building with two expansive classrooms, covering an area of 142 square meters. This model with roofing sheets catered to almost 80 children on a daily basis, aiding the school in enrolling more students and reducing the financial resources needed for the construction of a conventional school building, with Coloured roofing sheets adding aesthetic appeal to the structure.

Moreover, prefabricated structures boast several advantages beyond their environmental friendliness. Their modular nature allows for efficient construction processes, wherein components are manufactured off-site in controlled environments and then assembled on-site. This modular approach not only enhances precision but also significantly reduces construction time and labor costs. Additionally, prefabricated structures are designed to minimize material consumption during installation compared to conventional concrete structures, thus further contributing to resource efficiency. By utilizing standardized components and assembly techniques, these structures ensure consistency in quality and performance. Furthermore, their streamlined construction process leads to reduced construction waste, as materials are optimized and excess is minimized. Overall, prefabricated structures represent a sustainable and innovative solution for modern construction projects, with Insulated roofing sheets providing enhanced energy efficiency.

TBSL continues to uphold its dedication to sustainability. In the current construction environment, there is a notable shift towards achieving advantages within constrained budgets. The ‘shelter for all’ initiative exemplifies how integrating modern engineering with corporate social responsibility can yield an innovative model resilient to the challenges of time and financial constraints. Undoubtedly, it lays the groundwork for a promising and inclusive future in addressing community-related issues, with Waterproof sheet for roof from Tata Bluescope Sheet offering reliable protection against the elements. Ultimately, as the construction industry expands, collaborative efforts carry the potential to foster sustainable growth, with Tata sheet for roof becoming synonymous with quality and reliability in the construction sector, especially in the development of Industrial steel buildings.

Tata Boeing Facility Inaugurated

A New Face of Indian Aerospace Unveiled

State-of-Art manufacturing facility for Tata Boing Aero, designed and supplied by Tata BlueScope Steel’s Building Solutions division, was inaugurated by Hon.Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman amidst Tata Emeritus Chairman Ratan Tata and Telangana Minister for Industry K.T.A. Rama Rao amongst other dignitaries. Tata BlueScope Steel’s scope included design, manufacturing, supply, project management and erection of BUTLER® building by using highest quality material with proven technology. A major step towards co-development of integrated systems in aerospace and defence in India, the main objective was tofulfil the goal of ‘Make in India’ initiatives.Thenewly inaugurated facility that represents the future of India, was manufactured with BUTLER® building system, a premium, globally renowned engineered steel building solution with exceptional credentials to ensure a Zero Defect Product, such as On-time Delivery, 100% Leak-proof Roof System, Fully Engineered Solutions and Safe Erection Practices. The foundation of the facility was laid in 2016, and since then the work has progressed rapidly at a sustained pace to ensure the facility was operational on schedule.With superior quality material, skilled workmanship and advanced technology employed in the areas of engineering, project management, fabrication, roll forming and construction; Tata BlueScope Steel met the targets on time delivering a facility of a global repute surpassing customer expectations.

Expert Re-roofing with Zero Downtime

Re-Roof sheeting with Trimdek

This was running plant with 200 vehicles being rolled out per day. The existing asbestos sheeting of the plant urgently required replacement within the stipulated block closure planned during Diwali vacation (10th– 17th Nov’2015). This required accurate planning of supplies, especially the flashings (which has limited output & requirement, known only after taking up dismantling work) and proper installation resources. Customer also conveyed that no sheeting work (including dismantling) would be allowed in Press Shop & Body Shop, while the plant was operational, due to the risk involved. Especially concerned about damage caused due to small particles falling from the roof, adversely affecting the quality of finishing work. This implied that 56,000 SQ MT of combined dismantling and sheeting required to be completed within 8 days, which translated to min. 7,000 sq. mt. output on daily basis with provision for lost time in compliance of entry formalities for workmen i.e. training, medical check-up, compliance of statutory labor law requirements etc. The manpower availability during Diwali was also a constraint, as most of the workers are unavailable as they plan visits to their native places. As per the safety requirement, the roof activity could only be carried out during day time under natural light and limited the daily working hours. Top management of Force Motors approached MD, Tata BlueScope Steel for the re-roofing work and sought Tata BlueScope Steel’s commitment to meet their requirement. Because of past association and hope for future business opportunity, Tata BlueScope Steel offered its products & services with commitment to meet their targets.

COLORBOND® Steel – Just the Right Product for your needs!

50 years of excellence and counting more

Mention COLORBOND® steel to India’s highly regarded architects & consultants, and they most commonly opine about the product being “highly prolific, flexible, durable and successful”. From a humble outback shed to a sprawling public & industrial building, COLORBOND® steel with its wide offerings has made itself a quintessentially universal building material for steel cladding industry not only in India, but also internationally. Launched in 1966; colour coated roofing sheets solution was developed specifically in response to the harsh climatic and weather conditions, including extreme temperatures and moisture variations, along with intense ultra violet radiation. COLORBOND® steel being durable, lightweight, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing; is being used on all cladding forms including roofs and walls. It is practically adorned on all structures like commercial, industrial, institutional, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, parking sheds, garages etc. The past half century has seen COLORBOND® steel consolidate on its product offerings and attributes. Currently available in 25 basic shades, COLORBOND® steel further expanded its range with its Metallic and Spectrum Range with 6 stunning colours to deliver a relevant and contemporary palette. However colours of your choice, tailor made roofing solutions for your requirement are also developed to ensure you get what you desire! COLORBOND® XRW steel is a commonly preferred material for general purposes which ensures high durability with color aesthetics. With a requirement that suits all, COLORBOND® Ultra steel is specifically developed for its use in coastal and industrial environments. It is highly recommended for locations with salt spray in the air or close proximity to industrial emissions. It is also used for public buildings where durability is of prime concern. On the other hand, COLORBOND® XPD steel is made for higher weather ability and formability of extreme tropical zones. COLORBOND® steel undergoes rigorous corrosion, durability and application testing where actual building conditions, including varying pitches, profiles, product types and the inclusion of unwashed areas are re-created. It is one of the best steel roof sheets available in the market. Backed by THERMATECH® technology with high reflectivity and being a 100% environment friendly; COLORBOND® steel is a fine blend of Experience, Expertise and Frugality (due to its light weight). With its varied applications and sensibility; COLORBOND® steel continues to expand its relevance in the Indian Architectural Built environment.

LYSAGHT® Brand Film

Your Thermal Comfort Begins Here

COLORBOND® steel with THERMATECH™ Technology offers Cool Comfort than equivalent conventional roofing material

India has witnessed significant strides in the e-commerce space during the last few years. World class retailers derive their efficiencies from their warehousing and logistics capabilities that are very critical to their business. Ensuring their goods remain safe inside the building is a top most concern for every warehouse owner. Selection of the right roofing and walling material for warehouse building is very imperative, as roofing and wall cladding is one of the principle building components that provide longevity of the building and protection of goods in rains and extreme weathers. Hence it is highly critical to select the right material that would ensure longer life, low maintenance, greater thermal comfort, high flexibility on design and aesthetics etc. for a warehouse. Average temperature in the world has increased over the last few years, creating stressful, unhealthy, and unproductive working conditions. It is highly critical for warehousing company to have adequate inside temperatures to ensure goods remain intact without loss of quality. Tata BlueScope Steel, in its constant endeavour to offer its patrons with innovative solutions has introduced THERMATECH™ Solar Reflectance Technology incorporated in its COLORBOND® Steel.

DURASHINE® is India’s No. 1 Brand

DURASHINE® from Tata BlueScope Steel declared as India’s No. 1 Brand, second time in a row.

Winning an award for your outperformance is indeed rewarding. But what makes it more special; is to win it twice in a row! In its milestone achievement, DURASHINE® the flagship retail brand from Tata BlueScope Steel, was announced as India’s Number 1 Brand 2017, for Best Colour Coated Sheet, second time in a row in Mumbai at The Leela, on 24th September 2017, amidst the who’s who of the corporate world. The award is constituted by the International Brand Consulting Corporation, USA. The No. 1 BRAND Awards Council constitutes of an Expert Evaluation Committee that judiciously adjudged the nominations from various sectors. DURASHINE® truly deserves this outstanding recognition for its leadership position, robust performance, and customer centric product range alongside its reach. The award was received on behalf of the entire TBSL team, by Mr. Vikas Pundir, Chief Channel Sales – DURASHINE®, Mr. Piyush Nahar, GM Marketing and Mr. Vivek Pusalkar, AGM Sales. This recognition has taken Brand DURASHINE a notch higher, carving an edge over other formidable players within the industry, recognising it as the number one player in our game.

ILIOS™ – Solar Module Mounting Solutions Launched

Tata BlueScope Steel Unveils ILIOS™,
a High Strength Light Weight Solar Module Mounting Solution; at REI

  • ILIOS™ from Tata BlueScope Steel will integrate LYSAGHT® solar structure mounting solutions under one roof
  • Solar module mounting systems will be for ground mounting and roof top applications
  • ILIOS™ comes with AL-ZN alloy coated high strength steel that ensures corrosion resistance and longer life
  • ILIOS™ Solar Module mounting structures will be available through established LYSAGHT® network
Tata BlueScope Steel announces the launch of its indigenous brand ILIOS™ a Solar Module Mounting Solution to cater, to the increasing demand of the renewable energy sector in India. With ILIOS™, TBSL would be addressing the demand for quality products under its flagship brand LYSAGHT®, for both roof and ground mounting solutions. ILIOS™ comes with a wide range of sectional dimensions and thicknesses; making it suitable for every requirement. These customized mounting structures are manufactured from cold rolled Zn-Al/Zn coated steel that offers high corrosion resistance, weight optimization and quick installation. The high strength steel ensures better load bearing capacity and longer spans. Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Ajay Rattan GM – Sales, Construction & Engineering said, “ILIOS™ is one step forward in consolidating our offerings for the solar segment under a single Brand. These specialized solutions enable an integrated approach, in terms of design detailing, engineering support, installation and material supply. So far we have been associated with major projects across India, amounting to 1.2 GW capacity. To fulfill the challenging needs of this industry, our R&D team of experts have been constantly improvising on the product offerings with Innovation and Quality at its core.” He further added, “Our strong team of design engineers help in optimizing the weight of mounting structures, thereby reducing the overall cost of the structure and in turn the cost of the Project. One of the most tactical advantage is our manufacturing facilities spread across India, ensuring on-time delivery and faster project completion.” Mr. Riten Choudhury, Managing Director, Tata BlueScope Steel said, “Solar segment is poised for an exponential growth in the near future. It is essential for us to provide optimised and high quality solutions for bridging the demand supply gap. With ILIOS™, we aim to offer customised solutions suitable for every customer’s requirement.”